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Passing Through Sedona On Way To Monumant Valley   1 comment

Sedona Snapshots (April 22, 2018) by kenne

A week ago today we began a short trip that would take us to several places we have been before, the exception being Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. Heading north on I-10, we took I-17 north to Flagstaff out of Pheinox with a little detour over to Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon. After a brief stop in Sedona, we began the beautiful drive on the twisting Oak Creek Canyon 89A highway.

Our next stop was Flagstaff, just long enough to top off the gas tank, before heading on the Tuba City located in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation, where we planned to spend the night and check out the old Tuba City Trading Post.

— kenne

Gibraltar Rock, Sedona   Leave a comment

Red Rock Country B&W (1 of 1) blogGibraltar Rock, Sedona — Image by kenne

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Hiking The Air Port Loop Trail, Sedona   Leave a comment

Hiking the Air Port Loop Trail, Sedona, Arizona — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the images to see larger view in a slideshow format.)

Don’t Touch!   1 comment

Old Man On a Box (1 of 1)-2_edit blogDon’t Touch!” — Image by kenne

you’re probably wondering
why I took this photograph,
well, so am I –
nothing better to do, I guess,
other than window-shop
along the historic
main street of Sedona,

when I saw this manikin
of an old card shark
who had once
been a young man,
now too old to stand up,
too old to dress himself
and too old to care.

the truth is, it was the
“Don’t Touch!” sign
held there on his vest
by a safety-pin, since he
was also too old to touch,
a problem that wouldn’t be
if he were an old wooden Indian.

— kenne

Raven On A Fence Post   1 comment

Raven On Fence Post (1 of 1)_art blogRaven On A Fence Post In Red Rock Country — Computer Painting by kenne

Raven On Fence Post (1 of 1)-2 blog“Raven Model” — Image by kenne

Sedona Cicada   1 comment

Cicada(1 of 1)-9 blogThere’s a lot of cicada noise In Sedona. — Image by kenne

It’s not ringing in your ears

you hear, it’s

horny cicadas singing

their hearts out.

— kenne

a selfie here a selfie there — here there and everywhere   1 comment

 Many Selfies Were Being Taken at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona
— iPhone images by kenne

a selfie here

a selfie there


there and


— kenne

Sedona, Arizona Panorama   Leave a comment

Airport Loop Trail (1 of 1)-23 Panorama blogSedona Panorama from the Airport Loop Trail (June 13, 2015) — Image by kenne

On my recent trip to Sedona I was using both my D200 and D800 Nikons. I had a 12-28 Nikon DX lens on the D200. The above panorama was created by merging two 28mm, f/18, 1/60, ISO 100 images in Photoshop.

I have had the D200, which has a 10.2-MP CCD image sensor, for ten years and it continues to be a real workhorse. Usually, when hiking I carry one camera, the D800 with a 28-300 zoom lens. Because of the variety of views on this trail, I carried both cameras, which allowed me to capture this panorama image — thanks to Photoshop.


West Sedona Panoramas   4 comments

Sedona Panorama (1 of 1) blog

West Sedona Panorama Nikon D200 12mm Lens f/9 1/320 ISO 100 (June 13, 2015)

Sedona Panorama (1 of 1)-2 blogWest Sedona Panorama Nikon D800 28 mm Lens f/22 1/160 ISO 200 (June 13, 2015)
— Images by kenne

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Raven’s Drinking Fountain   2 comments

observe the raven

drinking among the breakage

at Tlaquepaque.

Raven (1 of 1) blog

Raven (1 of 1)-2 blog“Raven’s Drinking Fountain” — Images by kenne

where courtyards offer

a cuisine of art and soul

under cottonwoods.

— kenne

Tlaquepaque Courtyard (1 of 1)_art blogOne of the Tlaquepaque Courtyards — Image by kenne

Morning Meditation   6 comments

Man on Rock (1 of 1)-2 Art blogMorning Meditation — Computer Art by kenne

“Give me silence, water, hope . . .”

— Pablo Neruda


I don’t believe in age.
All old people
in their eyes,
a child,
and children,
at times
observe us with the
eyes of wise ancients.
Shall we measure
in meters or kilometers
or months?
How far since you were born?
How long
must you wander
like all men
instead of walking on its surface
we rest below the earth?

— from Ode to Age by Pablo Neruda

I Just Met Photographer, Joshua Esquivel   6 comments

DSC_8361-900x747Joshua Esquivel Image from

After spending my Monday morning hiking and photographing in the Sedona area, I went for lunch at René Restaurant in Tlaquepaque. We had eaten there before and love the relaxed fine dining ambiance, even for an old longhaired hiker like me. Joshua introduced himself as my waiter, and after taking my order he noticed my Nikon D800 — you can guess the rest of my story, photography. He also has a D800, but rather getting the new D810, he now has the D750 and loves it, which appears to be the majority opinion of many professional photographers — yes, Joshua Esquivel is an excellent professional photographer.

DSC_2299-2-601x900Joshua Esquivel,

I had not yet seen any of his work, but I could tell from our conversation that he knew photography and was good, so I handed my camera to him and ask if he would take my photograph figuring that when he becomes famous I could say Joshua took my picture back when. (Ok, he could have been more creative.)

Kenne at Rene's (1 of 1)-2 blogkenne at René’s — Image by joshua

It was a real pleasure meeting Joshua and now that we have crossed paths, may we stay connected in our journeys — peace, my friend.


“I know there is no straight road

No straight road in this world

Only a giant labyrinth

Of intersecting crossroads”

— Federico Garcia Lorca

DSC_2813-Pano-900x379Joshua Esquivel,

“Morning Meditation” In Black & White   Leave a comment

Man on Rock B-W (1 of 1) blog“Morning Meditation” In Black & White — Image by kenne

By trying to understand everything

in terms of memory,

the past, and words

we have, as it were,

had our noses in the guidebook

for more of our lives,

and have never look at the view.

— Alan W. Watts

. . . just look!

Red Rock Country Panorama — My Actual Prove   1 comment

Red Rock Panorama (1 of 1) blogRed Rock Country Panorama (June 15, 2015) — Image by kenne

This panorama was taken at the base of Cathedral Rock looking east at incredible formations containing over 300 million years of geological history.

If you have the slightest addiction to photography, it’s easy to overdose in the Sedona/Oak Creek area of the Coconino National Forest — I did!

I just returned from several days in one of the most spiritual places on earth, a place I can contemplate nature and be in communication with other living things — try it, you will like and the force will help you learn to love it.

My actual prove,

Red is the color of earth —

So, what’s not to love!

— kenne

Chapel Of The Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona   3 comments

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortImages of the Chapel of The Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona by kenne

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortInside the Chapel

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortChapel Entrance with Cathedral Rock In The Background

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortView from the Road Below the Chapel

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortRed Rock Panorama View From Behind The Chapel of The Holy Cross

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