I Just Met Photographer, Joshua Esquivel   6 comments

DSC_8361-900x747Joshua Esquivel Image from longtimesunshine.com

After spending my Monday morning hiking and photographing in the Sedona area, I went for lunch at René Restaurant in Tlaquepaque. We had eaten there before and love the relaxed fine dining ambiance, even for an old longhaired hiker like me. Joshua introduced himself as my waiter, and after taking my order he noticed my Nikon D800 — you can guess the rest of my story, photography. He also has a D800, but rather getting the new D810, he now has the D750 and loves it, which appears to be the majority opinion of many professional photographers — yes, Joshua Esquivel is an excellent professional photographer.

DSC_2299-2-601x900Joshua Esquivel,  longtimesunshine.com

I had not yet seen any of his work, but I could tell from our conversation that he knew photography and was good, so I handed my camera to him and ask if he would take my photograph figuring that when he becomes famous I could say Joshua took my picture back when. (Ok, he could have been more creative.)

Kenne at Rene's (1 of 1)-2 blogkenne at René’s — Image by joshua

It was a real pleasure meeting Joshua and now that we have crossed paths, may we stay connected in our journeys — peace, my friend.


“I know there is no straight road

No straight road in this world

Only a giant labyrinth

Of intersecting crossroads”

— Federico Garcia Lorca

DSC_2813-Pano-900x379Joshua Esquivel,  longtimesunshine.com

6 responses to “I Just Met Photographer, Joshua Esquivel

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  1. Lovely post


  2. You’re so lucky, kenne… 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    . . . it’s up to us to self-objectify to make for intersecting crossroads. — kenne


  4. Everyone who crosses our path is there for a reason.

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