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Road Trip (Anywhere USA)   2 comments

Road Trip-72-2Road Trip (Anywhere USA) — Image by kenne

We feel a need to go

on a road trip,

till then

this image will

have to do.

I hesitate to say it,

but we have

pandemic fever.

— kenne

Remembering Virginia On Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

Joy and her mom July 14, 2008 DSC_0028 blog IIJuly 14, 2008

Road Trip, Wisconsin, St John's, Joy's Birthday, Greune“Mother’s Day” Joy and her mom, Virginia (July 24, 2008) — Image by kenne 

Two photos and
ten years out —
Houston to St. Paul
mother and daughter
road trip sharing
memories and
time together.

separated by time
on this Mother’s Day
there will be no
Mother’s Day call
only memories of
past calls and photos.

— kenne

Zion Nation Park Snapshots II   2 comments

Zion National Park--2 blogOur road trip in late April took use through Zion National Park. This was the fourth time in the park, however, unlike the others, we didn’t spend time in the park. The snapshots were acquired by stopping along the route through the park. (Click or touch, depending on your device, to see the images in a slideshow format.)

Images by kenne

“Your photography is a record of your living – for anyone who really sees. You may see and be affected by other people’s ways, you may even use them to find your own, but you will have eventually to free yourself of them. That is what Nietzche meant when he said, ‘I have just read Schopenhauer, now I have to get rid of him.’ He knew how insidious other people’s ways could be, particularly those which have the forcefulness of profound experience, if you let them get between you and your own personal vision.”

– Paul Strand

Passing Through Sedona On Way To Monumant Valley   1 comment

Sedona Snapshots (April 22, 2018) by kenne

A week ago today we began a short trip that would take us to several places we have been before, the exception being Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. Heading north on I-10, we took I-17 north to Flagstaff out of Pheinox with a little detour over to Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon. After a brief stop in Sedona, we began the beautiful drive on the twisting Oak Creek Canyon 89A highway.

Our next stop was Flagstaff, just long enough to top off the gas tank, before heading on the Tuba City located in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation, where we planned to spend the night and check out the old Tuba City Trading Post.

— kenne

Flashback, July 28, 2012   3 comments

White Mountain Road TripJoy and Kenne in the City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico, July 28, 2012

Let’s go

Let’s go, let’s go,
The road is waiting.

Let’s go, let’s go,
Time is wasting.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The heart is yearning.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The brain is questioning.

Should I, should I not
Should I be, should I act
Should I, should I
Being or doing?

Let’s go, let’s go,
The pipes are playing.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The light is dancing.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The child is calling.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The brain is questioning.

Should I, should I not
Should I be, should I act
Should I, should I
Being or doing?

Let’s go, let’s go,
Tomorrow is awakening.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The times are changing.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The wind is pushing.

Let’s go, let’s go,
The brain is questioning.

Should I, should I not
Should I be, should I act
Should I, should I
Being or doing?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Let’s go, let’s go.

— kenne (December, 2005)

White Mountain Road TripCity of Rocks State Park, New Mexico — Panorama by kenne


Some Moments May Not Be Worth Capturing!   4 comments

New Orleans Trip_2014 12 27_0388_blogHow much longer before we will be there?

New Orleans Trip_2014 12 27_0389_blogI’m not having fun! I’m tired! I’m hunger! Let’s stop now!

New Orleans Trip_2014 12 27_0399_blogThis is not where I wanted to eat! I don’t like the food! 

New Orleans Trip_2014 12 27_0400_blogI will disrupt others trying to eat. Time for a selfie.

“Hear my children the instruction of a father,
and give attention to know understanding.”

– Proverbs 4:1

Goin’ Up To Cripple Creek To Have Some Fun   Leave a comment

Cripple Creek, Colorado (June 16,2014) — Images by kenne (Click on any of the tiled images to see larger view in a slideshow format.)

After leaving Ft. Collins, our next planned overnight stop was to be Colorado Springs. However, as we neared the Pike’s Peak area, I noticed a highway sign to Cripple Creek and thinking, “goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek, goin’ on the run; goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek t’ have a little fun.” So, we took the highway around Pike’s Peak over the Cripple Creek, an old mining town with probably more casinos per captia than anywhere in America.

Maybe we will do Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak some other time.


I got a gal at the head of the creek
Goin up t’ see her ’bout the middle of the week
Kiss her on the mouth, just as sweet as any wine
Wraps herself around me like a sweet potatoe vine

Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek, goin’ on the run
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek t’ have a little fun
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek, goin in a whirl
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek t’ see my girl

Girls up on Cripple Creek about half grown
Jump on a man like a dog on a bone
I’ll roll my britches up to my knees
An’ wade in ol’ Cripple Creek when I please

Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek, goin’ on the run
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek t’ have a little fun
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek, goin in a whirl
Goin’ up t’ Cripple Creek t’ see my girl

— Bill Monroe – Cripple Creek Lyrics | MetroLyrics

A Quick Stop In Vail, Colorado   Leave a comment

A Quick Stop In Vail, Colorado  (June 13, 2014) — Images by kenne



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Snapshots Along I-70 In Colorado   5 comments

Moab to Denver (1 of 1) blog framed

Moab to Denver (1 of 1)-6 blog framed

Moab to Denver (1 of 1)-5 blog framed

Moab to Denver (1 of 1)-4 blog framed

Moab to Denver (1 of 1)-3 blog framed

Moab to Denver (1 of 1)-2 blog framed

 Snapshots Along I-70 In Colorado (June 13, 2014) — Image by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Arches National Park Vista   Leave a comment

Arches National Park (1 of 1)-13 blogArches National Park Vista — Image by kenne

A Big Thanks to Terry Alberman In Kanab, Utah   1 comment

Souther Utah Panorama (1 of 1) blogPanorama Image Taken in Southern Utah

Photo Shop (1 of 1) blog

Photo Shop (1 of 1)-2 blogTerry’s Camera Trading Co. in Kanab, Utah. — Images by kenne

On the first night of our recent road trip we stayed in Page, Arizona, near the shores of Lake Powell. That evening I downloaded photos from my D800 to my laptop. After doing so, for the first time ever, I forgot to turn-off the camera. The next morning the battery was completely dead, which is when I realized that I had forgotten the battery charger. This was bad news since we were going to be spending the morning photographing on Lake Powell, the driving to Zion National Park.

If you have followed my blog, you know I have posted several photos taken on the Lake Powell cruse. Those photos were taken with my D200 and a 12X28 wide-angle lens. My plan was to use both cameras, D200 with a wide-angle lens and the D800 with a 28×300 lens. But, now I only had use of the one camera.

So, I started searching online for a camera shop. Most of us who take photos know that over the years our favorite independent camera shops have gone out o business, primarily due to the “big-box” stores. However, I was able to find a camera shop, Terry’s Camera Trading Co. in Kanab, Utah, which was on our way to Zion National Park. I called Terry and ask him if he had a charger for a Nikon D800. He said he might, but would not know till he could see the numbers on the battery. Since it was a Nikon, he felt pretty sure he would have a charger. 

Arriving in Kanab, we found the camera shop on the main street of Kanab, where Terry has been for 34 years. And yes, he had a charger — for me, Terry was a “lifesaver”.

Now one of my favorite places in the world is Terry’s Camera Trading Co. in Kanab, Utah — you should see his collection of old cameras.


kanab main street framedKanab, Utah Main Street (Image from Terry’s Camera Trading Co. Website)

The Parsons’ Head On Down the Highway   3 comments

Nancy Parsons, out on the road.

Nancy and Dave Parsons possess the kind of spirit most people may dream about, or read about, but few live it.  Now into their 17th day of a road trip through the great American west that will last approximately 42 days, these two artists are gathering some of life’s moments to share through their artistic eyes and skills.

Thanks to Nancy’s sense of duty and obedience to life, we are able to share some of their experiences as they “head on down the highway . . .” painting, writing and photographing the Parson’s America. Each day, Nancy has been posting entries on her blog, “Head on down the highway . . .” I love checking her blog each day!

Carry on, we will meet Nancy and Dave somewhere down the road.


(Paintings by Nancy Parsons)

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Road-trip — II   Leave a comment

(I-35 in Oklahoma)

“On The Road Again”

First, a few additional words about our first day on the road-trip.  Leaving The Woodlands, after first stopping for Starbucks and a bagel, then gas, we were finally on the road for Oklahoma City (ended up being Norman).

In addition to taking photos, I’m working on my video skills by trying to get in a few clips now and then, like passing the Sam Houston monument and heading into rain.  With any degree of luck, I hope to have a DVD or something on YouTube to share after the trip.

We made Dallas in the expected timeline, with Denton our planned next stop.  As we headed north on I-35E, Virginia commented on the closeness of Fort Worth to Dallas.  I responded by telling her it was close, but not close enough for us to take in as we head north to Oklahoma City.  The details will have to wait, but for reasons I could have never guessed in a million years, Virginia got to see Fort Worth.  (Maybe the Road-trip video will go into the details.)

Day two was a nice drive through parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. (Photo to left taken at a Visitors Center in Ottawa Kansas) We are now in Kansas City, and you guess it, at another casino.  (I would only do this for the women I love!)

Tomorrow, we will head for St. Paul, where we will spend sometime with friends and relatives, before going into Wisconsin.

That’s it for now.


(Ameristar Casino in Kansas City)

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