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Shadows On The Wall   1 comment

Balboa Park (1 of 1)-3 blower blog IIShadows On The Wall — Image by kenne

Many experience a flower
but miss its meaning
thus creating a void
as they grow older
ceasing to be an experience
making the future
difficult to comprehend.

— kenne


I Stare At Shadows   2 comments

Romero Pools“I Stare At Shadows” — Image by kenne

I stare at shadows,
looking for answers
in deep caverns
of my soul,
only to see them
blurred by others
as water
in the stream
of life
rushes by.

— kenne

Hotel St. Michael Window   Leave a comment

Prescott-1830 Hotel Window Art blogHotel St. Michael Window (Prescott, Arizona) — Computer Painting by kenne

Window Facing Mine

I look at the window across from my window
seeing nothing inside the hotel walls,
yet I wonder what’s going on in there?

Is somebody or something in there
looking back at me from deep inside
the room with the half-pulled curtain?

I’ve been told of ghosts living here
but I don’t believe in shadows that
move in dark spaces of dark rooms.

Yet, I find myself asking questions
of something I don’t believe — maybe
it’s because I do believe in the shadows.

How many times have I said,
“Only the shadow knows?”
Is it a belief or just an expression?

Ah, those old radio shows have a way
of coming back to haunt me, like brain
droppings making noise when stepped on

as I back away from my window
wondering if I should partially close
the curtains adding to the mystery.

. . . but then, only the shadow knows.


We Look For Answers   Leave a comment

Romero PoolsImage by kenne

I stare at shadows,

looking for answers

in deep caverns

of my soul,

only to see them

blurred by others

as water 

in the stream

of life

rushes by.

— kenne

A Shadow Companion   Leave a comment

Wasson Peak 01-30-12A Shadow Companion — Computer Painting by kenne

Shadow on the wall
a mark soon to fade,
with the setting sun.

Still-life in the darkness
the magic of light gone,
it’s shadow companion.

Captured and marked
by pixeled contrast,
with a digital palette.

— kenne

Corn Maze Shadows   Leave a comment

Corn Maze (1 of 1) computer art blogCorn Maze Shadows — Computer Art by kenne

In corn maze shadows

excitement changes the air

as darkness prevails.

— kenne

Morning Shadows In Pima Canyon   2 comments

Pima Canyon  (1 of 1) blogLooking Down Through Pima Canyon, Sonoran Desert (February 9, 2015) — Image by kenne

The warm

morning sun

leaves us

as we hike into

the canyon shadows.

— kenne


Shadows On Her Wings   2 comments

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1)-5 Art-2 blog“Shadows On Her Wings,” Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Shadows on her wings

Dancing in the morning sun

My queen for a day.

— kenne


Capturing A Celestial Wall   1 comment

Janie & David VisitWinter Shadows In The Mission Courtyard — Image by kenne

Winter wall shadows
Captured, matted and framed on
A celestial wall.

— kenne


Capturing The Moment — Yellow Dawn   4 comments

Morning Walk- yellow sky art blogYellow Dawn — Image by kenne

Dawn holds back

the day’s secrets,


as the sun leaves

the earth’s edge

and shadows

offer unknown angles —

as if to open doors

we enter

leaving behind the mystery

of the yellow dawn.

— kenne

Morning Shadows In The Canyon   5 comments

Ventana Canyon-1 Morning Shadows

Ventana Canyon-9110 blog

Ventana Canyon-2 Panorama blofMorning Shadows In Ventana Canyon — Images by kenne

Don’t tell me the sun is shining,

show me the shadows in the morning light.

I learn from the shadows,

which delivers the dawn’s music.

The shadows have taught me

the importance of being different.

With the music and being different

providing the power to go deep within.

Together I hear the words

that guide me through the day.

— kenne

Alone In The Night Shadows II   6 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9084_Alone In The Night Shadows II Moon blogAlone In The Night Shadows II — Image by kenne

Alone in the night shadows

Abandoned in the darkness

Tall sentinels raise their arms

In the light of the full moon

Facing the old ranch house

Where the poet is signing

As the night-raven sings

In concert with howling coyotes

Under the alluring moonlight.

– kenne

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