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Winter Near The Santa Cruz River   1 comment

De Anza trail January 20, 2014-9522-72Winter Near The Santa Cruz River North Of Nogales, Arizona — Image by kenne

It is not your responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world,

but free to desist from it either.”

— Rabbi Tarfon

Wintery Sabino Canyon   1 comment

January 2nd Snow On The Mountains-art-1-72Phil Bentley iPhone image of snow above Sabino Canyon (January 1, 2019)
— Photo Artistry by kenne

Snow made it below the ridge
Dusting the lower Sabino Canyon
Clouds over endless mountains
Begin to open holes for the morning sun
Shinning a spotlight on the fresh snow.

The road up the mountain closed for days
A thick cloud cover no longer opens to the sun
As a few light flacks of snow float by
In the valley chilled by the mountain air
Taking whatever comes to the washes below.

— kenne


Wintering In The Canyon   9 comments

Ruby Crown Kinglet blogFemale Ruby Crowned Kinglet in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Right now, for reasons I have not been able to decern, pain is causing me to spend less time in Sabino Canyon. Months ago, before I got injured, I used to hike from one place to another, moving and accomplishing much. But now, no matter how much I try there is a voice slowing me down, bringing me home to this deeper wisdom that I am. A deeper wisdom is great, but I’m still trying to understand if the deeper wisdom is worth the trade-off.

— kenne

Nature Walker   Leave a comment


Wintering In Sabino Canyon   2 comments


western-bluebird-0399-blogWestern Bluebird — Images by kenne

We dance round a ring and suppose,
But the secret sits in the middle, and knows.

— Robert Frost

Phainopepla   Leave a comment

female-phainopepla-0137-blogFemale Phainopepla

D500 PhotosMale Phainopepla — Images by kenne

The Phainopepla is a common visitor to Sabino Canyon in the winter after spending summers on Mt. Lemmon. During a morning walk in the canyon, you can see them high on a tree branch chirping in the sunlight. 

She in her brown coat

He in his shiny black tux —



Savannah Sparrow   Leave a comment

Sparrow (1 of 1) art blogSavannah Sparrow in a Mesquite Tree (Sabino Canyon, January 1, 2016)– Image by kenne

The sparrows are preparing for winter,
each one dressed in a plain brown coat
and singing a cheerful song.

— Charles Kuralt

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