Capturing The Moment — Catch Me If You Can!   4 comments

Bear Canyon 2013Greater Roadrunner — Image by kenne

Greater Roadrunner

A roadrunner doesn’t go “meep meep”, for he says “cucucucuckoo”

He isn’t an ostrich or an emu, he is a cuckoo.

Even his scientific name means “Californian ground cuckoo” (or “ground cuckoo from California”)

You can even see that he’s a cuckoo by the type of feet he has.

He maybe brown and dull but if one looks closely, he or she can see the red and blue stripe behind his eyes.

He rarely flies but he can run seventeen miles per hour.

I love them, what about you?

— OspreyEagle


4 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Catch Me If You Can!

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  1. Always enjoy watching the roadrunners scoot through the desert or across the highway. Makes me think of The Pink Panthen cartoons. I never realized they were a part of the cuckoo family!


  2. I had no idea they’re so colorful, at least on their head. Great pic.


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