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Northern Mockingbird   Leave a comment


mockingbird-0289-blogNorthern mockingbirds feed primarily on desert mistletoe berries during the Sonoran desert winter.
— Images by kenne

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.

— Joseph Campbell

Christmas Cholla   1 comment




christmas-cholla-0285-blogChristmas Cholla (Sabino Canyon, December 26, 2016) — Images by kenne

The Christmas cactus common to the Sonoran Desert is the Cylindropuntia leptocaulis. It’s a Christmas cholla. It got its name because the red fruit on the pencil-thin joints appears from November into March.

— kenne

Desert Spiny Male Lizard   Leave a comment

desert-spiny-1-of-1-2-blogDesert Spiny Male Lizard — Image by kenne

The morning light and the cooler desert temperatures bring out the colors in this male desert spiny lizard.


Desert Cotton Plant Blossom   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk #1Desert Cotton Plant Blossom — Computer Art by kenne

Behind many a successful person lies a string of lucky breaks that we have no inkling about.

— Richard E. Nisbett

Walk a Mile In My Shoes   Leave a comment

bunk-house-boots-in-window-1-of-1-art-color-5x4-blog“Walk a Mile In My Shoes” — Computer Art by kenne

“You can’t really understand another Person’s experience
until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Can you see where I’m coming from?
Do you understand my point of view?
Why can’t you see the things that upset me?
Won’t you walk a mile in my shoes?

If you do something that bothers me
And you seem to be in denial
Should I bring up the subject with you?
Please wear my shoes for a mile

Your comments and accusations
Are thrown at me with such ease
They reach me like a sharpened knife
Won’t you walk a mile with me please?

I desperately try to plead my case
But I’ve learned to accept this abuse
Nothing I say really matters
But won’t you walk a mile in my shoes?

— Firefly

Abanded Ranch House In A Desert Storm   1 comment

Milagrosa Loop (1 of 1)-9 Abanded House In Storm B&W_blog.jpgAbanded Ranch House In a Desert Storm — Image by kenne

Clouds loom dark like a locust swarm,
Stalking creatures on anxious flight.
Senses heighten in a desert storm,
As nature flaunts her awesome might.

Ribbons of fire rips a fabric of gray,
Creatures are humbled by awesome roars.
Winds summon raindrops to play,
And tempests provoke its downpours.

— from Desert Storm, by James Ronan

Grunge Art Butterfly   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12Grunge Art Butterfly (Two-tailed Swallowtail) by kenne


In the beginning, oh, long before that.

When light was deciding who should be in and who should be out of the spectrum.

Yellow was in trouble.

Even then it seems that green, you know how green can be, didn’t want yellow in.

Some silly primal envy I suppose, but for whatever cause, the effect was bad on yellow.

And caused yellow to weep yellow tears for several eternals, before there were years.

Until blue heard what was up between green and yellow and took green aside for a serious talk,

in which blue pointed out that if yellow and blue were to get together,

not that they would but if they did (a gentle threat),

they could make their own green.

“Ooh” said green with some understanding.

Naturally by a sudden change of hue green saw the light and yellow got in.

 It worked out fine,

yellow got lemons and green got limes.

— transcribed from Ken Nordine’s jazz and word poem, Yellow

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