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End Of Day Reflections   Leave a comment

Sunset Reflections-72End of Day Reflections — Image by kenne

Picture window
Fall sunset

Darkness settles
Lights shine inside

Window reflects 
Sunset is gone

Day becomes night
Mirror window

‘Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest …’ 

— kenne

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Reflections In The Moment   2 comments

Reflections-1201 III-72Reflections In The Moment — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us.”

— Alan Cohen

Reflections — Graphic Sketch   1 comment

Reflections-1201 II_Art-Graphic Sketch blogReflections — Graphic Sketch: Photo-Artistic by kenne

Vises sit on the table
beneath the courtyard window
where we watch a radiant   
sunrise over the desert landscape.

At the end of the day when
darkness comes into view
only reflections of the vises
appear in the window —

like reflections on water
no longer obtuse
where nothing
leads to nothing.

— kenne


Reflections II   Leave a comment

Reflections-1201 II_Art blogReflections II — Computer Art by kenne

The window reflects

All that my eyes see inside

Reflecting me outside.

— kenne

Reflections   1 comment

Reflections-1201 III blogReflections — Image by kenne

The empty vase, longing to be filled,
Waits patiently in the sink
For someone to turn on the faucet

The empty vase, full of love
Denies the fact that at this moment
It is just an empty vase

In a land where everyone is an empty vase
It is the human’s job
To hold all the flowers

Even an empty vase
Is fully capable
Of holding its own weight

— from “The Empty Vase” by Scot Warren

Reflections   Leave a comment

water-above-the-dam-0612-art-blogReflections — Image by kenne

Tell me what you see.

It may not be what you think.

Water reflections.

— kenne

Reflections on a Water Fountain   2 comments

Birds at fountain (1 of 1)-4 B-W Art blog“Reflections” — Image Presentation by kenne


 Reflections on a Water Fountain

 by Jun Ji Zhang

What is the purpose of our water feature?  There is so much pressure in today’s times to make sure that an object has a meaning, to make sure that it serves a purpose, it is a sad fact that one simply can’t enjoy something simply for the joy of enjoying it.  But that is in itself a purpose I suppose.  In today’s times, it is all the more important to be able to just stop and smell the roses so the saying goes.  That is the purpose of our water feature.  My original purpose for the garden spring was to make a nice simple place for one to sit and relax.  That was it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The spring was not to dazzle someone with fluid mechanical phenomenon, that was the role of the monumental fountain, or to impress someone with clever timings of jets and sprays, that was the role of the indoor dynamics fountain, the spring was simply a nice quite place to rest and think.

 What I had wanted to create was a place of escape.  A place for someone to just get away from it all, be it stress from exams or homework, frustration over friendships or relationships, or simply just for somewhere to go.  I wanted a place where I could go, sit down, and not have to worry about who one person is with or what I need to do to prepare for an exam the next day, I wanted a place where I could just sit and think about anything I want, whether it be about the things I don’t want to think about or just reflect on what is going on in my life.  What I see is a nice waterfall, full of life and sound and chaos, and yet at the same time, quiet and serene.  What I also see is a number of slow streams, along the lines of babbling brooks with a few bridges that ends in a few small ponds.  The waterfall is more of a place to stand and think.  The streams are instead, a place to walk along, to follow the water to wherever it may flow and provides an environment to walk and talk, even if you are simply taking the long way to classes or something.

That’s all I wanted, a simple quiet and relaxing place to walk along, to sit along, or to just look upon.  Nothing fancy, nothing amazing, just peace and quiet. And in today times, a little peace can go a long ways.

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