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Roadrunner Colors In Black and White — “Beep! Beep!”   4 comments

Desert Museum-Roadrunner blog-black

Beep! Beep!

Roadrunner -- Image by kenne

Beep! Beep! — Images by kenne

Desert Marigold, Again   3 comments

Desert Museum-9851framedDesert Marigold, Again — Image by kenne

Desert marigold
Spreading spring color around
Capturing moments.

— kenne

I Will Descent Into The Maze, Deo Volente   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon WalkI Will Descent Into The Maze, Deo Volente — Image by kenne

Deo volente, I
Will descent into the maze
On the canyon floor.

— kenne


Boogie Down 10-7-07  320 blog framedWelcome Lady Rider — Image by kenne


A sign at the biker bar —

Welcome lady riders

You’re great for the show,

So, show us your tits.

  — kenne


Capturing The Moment — Basking In The Desert Sun   4 comments

Del Sol_20111229_1044 Joy at Del Sol blog framed“Basking In The Desert Sun” (Joy) — Image by kenne

“We are so constituted
that we can gain intense pleasure
only from the contrast,
and only very little
from the condition itself.”

― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

Desert Sun, Water And Shadows   3 comments

Del Sol_20111229_1052 Water & Shadows blogDesert Sun, Water and Shadows — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Spiny Lizard   4 comments

Malcolm Dinner-7812 blogDesert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

Lizards are very common to the desert — they are everywhere. This one just happen to be in our yard, showing off all his color.

He sits on the rock

The desert spiny lizard

Lots of colored spins.


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