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Dead Cholla Cactus   2 comments

Dead Cholla (Sabino Canyon Recreation Area) — Image by kenne

The continued drought in the desert southwest is taking its toll.

Earth, Sky and Tumacácori   Leave a comment

Nogales“Earth, Sky and Tumacácori” — Photo Artistry by kenne

A priestly man
once traveled
the desert southwest

mounted a horse
armed only with love
a force without
a presidio of soldiers

connecting with people
of many tribes

building adobe missions
each opened to the morning sun
located within walking distance
understanding the desert paradox.

— kenne

Indian Window On The Desert Southwest   1 comment

Painted Desert Inn-0093-2 art II blogDesert Southwest (Painted Desert) — Computer Painting by kenne

The water that came last winter is long gone.
“Female rain,” it’s called in Navajo:
the gentle, furtive rains that fall from
overcast skies between November and March….
What we’re waiting for now is male rain.
Big, booming, wait-till-your-father-gets-home cloudbursts
that bully up from Mexico and threaten to rip the sky.

— from Making Peace by Barbara Kingsolver

Capturing The Moment — Gateway To The Desert   1 comment

Baby Jesus TrailGateway to the Desert — Image by kenne

If you love the Sonoran Desert, or never been to the desert southwest, I think you will find this video very interesting, informative and enjoyable — just learned about it this morning.


Traveling I-10   7 comments

Desert Southwest (1 of 1) blogTraveling I-10 — Image by kenne

Highway I-10 runs

Through the dry rugged southwest,

Miles of unspoiled land.

— kenne

Siesta Shadows Create Colors On The Wall   6 comments

Old Tucson-9417_colors on the wall blogSiesta Shadows Create Colors On The Wall — Image by kenne

When walls become art
The roving eye embraces
Siesta shadows.

— kenne

Desert Sun, Water And Shadows   3 comments

Del Sol_20111229_1052 Water & Shadows blogDesert Sun, Water and Shadows — Image by kenne

The Sonoran Desert’s White Dove   3 comments

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionMission San Xavier del Bac — Images kenne

The White Dove Of The Desert

Imagine this:

On horseback

Dark flowing rode
Moving in the breeze

The desert southwest

The village of the

Desert people –
Tohono O’odham

Friendly people

With the stranger –

Father Kino
Jesuit priest

Third mission —

(Twenty-four total)

Upon which
The current church

Was built
Century later

Baroque architecture

In the desert blue sky

The White Dove
Of the Desert.


Lily Of The Desert   4 comments

Sycamore Reservoir

Sycamore Reservoir

One of the most brilliant of Sonoran desert wildflowers, the Mariposa lily is one of two common lilies found here — the other is ajo lily (desert lily). Since this is the second recent posting on this desert wildflower, you might guess that I’m quite taken by this flower. 

Although common to the desert southwest, they are scattered and do not bloom every year. These and those in the earlier posting were a few miles apart at about 4,000′ feet elevation.

Aren’t they beautiful!!


Sycamore Reservoir

Monsoon Storms Build In The Desert   3 comments

Images by kenne

Monsoon Storms Build In The Desert

We arrived noticing the clouds to the northeast
“Do you think we will finally get some rain?”
“South of the city got rain last night,
We missed out again.”

So went the conversation, weather again.
Tiring of the topic, other topics began
To work they’re way into our neighborly chat,
As usual, avoiding topics of potential discord.

“What is that? “
“Did you hear that?”
“Sounds like thunder, “was one reply,
As the conversation continued.

Try as we may, the thought of rain remained
In the background of each discussion topic.
Why not? The months without rain,
Record-setting temperatures were killing our plants.

“What is that?”
“Did you hear that?”
All eyes were directed toward the windows
The dialog taking on a tone of excitement – “It’s rain!”

Not just your typical desert rain
Where only a few drops make it to ground
Most devoured by the  dry Sonoran desert air,
We were having a true gully washer!


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