The Sonoran Desert’s White Dove   3 comments

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionMission San Xavier del Bac — Images kenne

The White Dove Of The Desert

Imagine this:

On horseback

Dark flowing rode
Moving in the breeze

The desert southwest

The village of the

Desert people –
Tohono O’odham

Friendly people

With the stranger –

Father Kino
Jesuit priest

Third mission —

(Twenty-four total)

Upon which
The current church

Was built
Century later

Baroque architecture

In the desert blue sky

The White Dove
Of the Desert.


3 responses to “The Sonoran Desert’s White Dove

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  1. Such a beautiful setting around this Mission – really stunning panorama at the top too. I feel I have been here before in so many movies etc and had me looking for the ‘three amigos’ in the photos. I am realy enjoying your photography – very much!


  2. The first time I was there was in 1968 and several times since moving to Tucson three years ago — It’s always impressive! Thanks for the comment.


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