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Moving On Down The Road   Leave a comment

Moving On Down The Road — Image by kenne

Move on down the road
Loaded on a pickup truck
Have house will travel

Through New Mexico
On Interstate Highway 10
East and west movement.

— kenne

Cactus Blossoms   1 comment

Cactus Blossoms — Image by kenne

Even though the southwest is experiencing a mega drought, nature finds a way to continue life cycles.

“Drought conditions in the West, particularly the desert Southwest, have intensified over the past 45 years,
with less precipitation and longer and more frequent dry spells between storms. The Southwestern deserts
that include Tucson were slammed the hardest by far.” Arizona Daily Star

Capturing The Moment — Christmas Morning In The Desert Southwest   5 comments

Agua Caliente-9214_edit blogDon’t Tell This Leafing Ocotillo That It’s Winter In The Desert, But Then, It Is Christmas. — Image by kenne


by Carol Jarvis

The bells this cowboy’s hearin’,

aren’t off of any sleigh.

They’re ’round the necks of the old milk cows

comin’ in for their mornin’ hay.


There’ve been other times and places,

where there weren’t snowflakes fallin’,

But he can’t remember a Christmas,

when there weren’t cattle bawlin’.


The desert air is chilled,

as daylight tints the sky.

It’s plenty cold enough for frost

but the air is just too dry.

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Cub Scouts Observe a Gila Monster On Junior Ranger Nature Walk   1 comment

Gila Monster_20120518_0419 blogGila Monster — Image by kenne

This morning I took a small group of Cub Scouts and parents on a Junior Ranger nature walk in Sabino Canyon. The walk is only a quarter and is designed to increase their knowledge of the desert. Although the gila monster is reasonably common to the Sonoran desert, they spend 90% of their time underground except during the mating season, which is May and June. This morning’s sighting made the scout’s day! (Mine too!)

After completing the walk, the scouts were awarded a Sabino Canyon Junior Ranger certificate.


When A Door Is Not Just A Door   10 comments


DeGrozia Gallery

DeGrozia Gallery

DeGrozia Gallery

NogalesImages by kenne

A door is just a door

‘til you walk

through a door

in the desert southwest —

each is a book cover

for classic stories of the life.


The Sonoran Desert’s White Dove   3 comments

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionMission San Xavier del Bac — Images kenne

The White Dove Of The Desert

Imagine this:

On horseback

Dark flowing rode
Moving in the breeze

The desert southwest

The village of the

Desert people –
Tohono O’odham

Friendly people

With the stranger –

Father Kino
Jesuit priest

Third mission —

(Twenty-four total)

Upon which
The current church

Was built
Century later

Baroque architecture

In the desert blue sky

The White Dove
Of the Desert.


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