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Capturing The Moment — Christmas Morning In The Desert Southwest   5 comments

Agua Caliente-9214_edit blogDon’t Tell This Leafing Ocotillo That It’s Winter In The Desert, But Then, It Is Christmas. — Image by kenne


by Carol Jarvis

The bells this cowboy’s hearin’,

aren’t off of any sleigh.

They’re ’round the necks of the old milk cows

comin’ in for their mornin’ hay.


There’ve been other times and places,

where there weren’t snowflakes fallin’,

But he can’t remember a Christmas,

when there weren’t cattle bawlin’.


The desert air is chilled,

as daylight tints the sky.

It’s plenty cold enough for frost

but the air is just too dry.

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A Desert Christmas Scene — Merry Noel To All   5 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9088_Xmas scene art blogImage by kenne

Desert sticks ‘n stones
A trainload of fun and joy
Merry Noël to all.

— kenne

Spirit Of The Holidays — A Still Life   2 comments

Makers Make Still Life-9102 Art II blogSpirit of the Holidays Still Life — Image by kenne

Whisky, orchids and art,

A holiday greeting to all —

Joy, love and inspiration.

— kenne

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