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Capturing The Moment — Christmas Morning In The Desert Southwest   5 comments

Agua Caliente-9214_edit blogDon’t Tell This Leafing Ocotillo That It’s Winter In The Desert, But Then, It Is Christmas. — Image by kenne


by Carol Jarvis

The bells this cowboy’s hearin’,

aren’t off of any sleigh.

They’re ’round the necks of the old milk cows

comin’ in for their mornin’ hay.


There’ve been other times and places,

where there weren’t snowflakes fallin’,

But he can’t remember a Christmas,

when there weren’t cattle bawlin’.


The desert air is chilled,

as daylight tints the sky.

It’s plenty cold enough for frost

but the air is just too dry.

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A Christmas Raven As Sun, In The Canyon   1 comment

Agua Caliente-9221 Art blog IIA Christmas Raven As Sun, In The Canyon — Image by kenne

Once upon a morning sunny,

I pondered the “Tucson blue” sky,

On the day before Christmas.

No time for a quaint and curious

Volume of forgotten lore,

I watch a black as the sun raven

Steered the gusty canyon winds,

Soaring up over the nearby ridge,

Suddenly entering a deep dive,

With a croak and deep, gurgling call —

“Only this and nothing more.”

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Christmas Picture Crasher   Leave a comment

Christmas 2012

Mother and Daughters Christmas Picture

Christmas 2012

Mother and Daughters Christmas Picture with “Picture Crasher”, Trevor. Oops! — Images by kenne

Thanksgiving Talk With Doomsday Just Around The Corner   2 comments

Source: The New Yorker

Large family gatherings such as Thanksgiving, brings together people with different persuasions, ideologies, and beliefs. At our gathering this year, Thanksgiving took on a special meaning for those who believe in the December 21, 2012 doomsday prophecies. This cartoon is for those who believe the world will end December 21st, and especially those who think everything needs to be privatized.  These doomsday prophecies (Cults and Mind Control) are good for business!


Merry Christmas Baby — This One Is For You!   4 comments

ChristmasTulips12.24.03-art-72Christmas Tulips — Photo-Artistry by kenne

In the Blues world, Texas City nature, Charles Brown, was best known for his rendition of the classic Blues song, “Merry Christmas Baby,” which is my favorite. 


However, another excellent rendition was done by Elvis Presley, where he shows how good a bluesman he was. Too bad more of his music wasn’t done in this classic Blues style.




Here’s wishing you a Blues, Blues, Christmas.

— kenne


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