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HAPPY HOLIDAYS: 2021   5 comments

Photo-Artistry by kenne

A Christmas Family Album   12 comments

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Christmas Over The Last Couple of Decades — Images by kenne 

“The Three Wise Ravens”   Leave a comment

“The Three Wise Ravens” — Computer Art by kenne


Tis the season of wonder,

the time of the golden dawn.

Three magi all in black,

barriers of exotic wisdom.

Ancient philosophers and priests

carefully phrasing their questions,

In union with good thought,

in word and in deed.

It is between these that

wise men choose what is right.


Peace and Goodwill To All,

Happy Holidays!

kenne & joy

(Originally posted December 21, 2011)

Happy Holidays And Peace To The World   7 comments


A year of challenges
has made us stronger and
more appreciative of life.

Christmas Coach   8 comments

Christmas Coach (1 of 1) art blogChristmas Coach — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Spirit Of The Holidays — A Still Life   2 comments

Makers Make Still Life-9102 Art II blogSpirit of the Holidays Still Life — Image by kenne

Whisky, orchids and art,

A holiday greeting to all —

Joy, love and inspiration.

— kenne

The Holiday Season — A Time For Being And Becoming   1 comment

christmas22003-12-24-04-happy-holidays-blogImage by kenne

At this annual time of transition between calendar years, it is a time of reflecting and acting. A time of year for celebrating from Thanksgiving through the new year. It is the Holiday Season!

It is a time of year for considering “this and that,” (my grandmother’s words when I would ask, “What are you doing, Grandma?”) reflecting over 2013, it is a time to “ing” out the year.

. . . ing 2013

Wondering in search of this and that

Reflecting on my past

Investing in the future

Creating more out of less

Giving without motive

Being a teacher

Becoming by being my teacher


Joy To The World   7 comments

december-snow_20111215_0797-art-ii-blog-1 Christmas LightsImage by kenne


Joy & Kenne

On Cue, Our Christmas Cactus Has Blossoms — Happy Holidays   3 comments

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Images by kenne


A Bougainvillea Wreath For The Holidays   4 comments

Happy Holidays 2012 blog

Bougainvillea Wreath — Image by kenne

Bougainvilleas add

Red and green to desert brown,

Happy Holidays!


. . . especially to those whose lives continue to be affected by war — Peace!

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