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The Change Of Colors   2 comments

There will be a change of colors tonight with a forecasted hard freeze that will kill our Bougainvilleas, Red Bird of Paradise, and Hibiscus plants, becoming dormant until warmer desert spring days return. We know from experience of living near a wash means our low tonight will be 3-4 degrees lower than the forecasted Tucson low.Bougavilles Before the Freeze-blog

Bougavillea Before December Freeze-blog

Bougavilles Before December Freeze-blog

Bougainvillea-3-blogSome of the landscape flowers still blooming around our house. — Images by kenne

Bougainvilleas Live a Risky Life In Late Fall Desert Weather   2 comments

Misc Images-8833 blogBougainvilleas — Images by kenne

We recently had some much-needed rain here in the desert. A cold-weather low from the north mixed with warmer Pacific moisture brought in rain at the lower elevations and snow on the mountains. Now the moisture has gone, but the low temps remain with highs in the upper fifties and lows nearing overnight frost temps, which will kill the foliage of the beautiful bougainvilleas — so far, so good.

The plants in our yard will not make it through the winter, so in the spring we will again be cutting back the plants preparing them for new growth.


Misc Images-8835 blog

A Bougainvillea Wreath For The Holidays   4 comments

Happy Holidays 2012 blog

Bougainvillea Wreath — Image by kenne

Bougainvilleas add

Red and green to desert brown,

Happy Holidays!


. . . especially to those whose lives continue to be affected by war — Peace!

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