The Holiday Season — A Time For Being And Becoming   1 comment

christmas22003-12-24-04-happy-holidays-blogImage by kenne

At this annual time of transition between calendar years, it is a time of reflecting and acting. A time of year for celebrating from Thanksgiving through the new year. It is the Holiday Season!

It is a time of year for considering “this and that,” (my grandmother’s words when I would ask, “What are you doing, Grandma?”) reflecting over 2013, it is a time to “ing” out the year.

. . . ing 2013

Wondering in search of this and that

Reflecting on my past

Investing in the future

Creating more out of less

Giving without motive

Being a teacher

Becoming by being my teacher


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  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Tis that season again, the annual Holiday season, a time for gratitude and reflection. This posting first appeared five years ago. — kenne


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