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Capturing The Moment — Elks In Rocky Mountain National Park   Leave a comment

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Elk (1 of 1)-2 blogElks In Rocky Mountain National Park — Images by kenne

North American elk, or wapiti, were once plentiful in the Rocky Mountain National Park area.
The Park’s elk population fluctuates between 600 and 800 in the winter.

A Day Trip Into The Rocky Mountain National Park   2 comments

Joy, Nicholas & Kenne — Image by kenne

Katie & Nicholas -- Image by kenne

While in Fort Collins for Matt’s graduation, some of us took a day trip to Estes Park and a drive into the Rocky Mountain National Park. This part of Colorado is such an attractive area, which offers a lot of beauty and things to do, regardless of the time of year. With his cousins  having returned to Texas, Nick stilled seemed very happy to spend the day with Mom and grandparents. He is very much the little man.

Although we have seen Nick, Kate and Matt several times in the last two-plus years, it was August 2008 that I was last in Ft. Collins and Estes Park. As you can see from the photo on the right, Nick is still a hansom little guy at twice the age. The photo was taken above Estes Park. To be honest, I prefer the summer time in the mountains. My interest in skiing is over.

Hopefully, we will be seeing them again this spring in Tucson.


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