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A Late Afternoon Stroll   1 comment

Elk Going for A Late Afternoon Stroll In the Grand Canyon (October 4, 2021) — Imahe by kenne

The elk move at their own pace
not showing any fear of humans
and their cars driving in the park.

Looking so gentle walking across
a park road, but beware of one of
the most dangerous animals in the park.

— kenne

Elk At Grand Canyon Spring Water Fountain   Leave a comment

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Elk (1 of 1) blog

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Elk (1 of 1)-4 blogElk At Grand Canyon Spring Water Fountain (June 14, 2016) — Photo Essay by kenne

“There is a sixth sense . . . that is the sense of wonder.”

— D. H. Lawrence


Capturing The Moment — Elks In Rocky Mountain National Park   Leave a comment

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Elk (1 of 1) blog

Elk (1 of 1)-3 blog

Elk (1 of 1)-2 blogElks In Rocky Mountain National Park — Images by kenne

North American elk, or wapiti, were once plentiful in the Rocky Mountain National Park area.
The Park’s elk population fluctuates between 600 and 800 in the winter.

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