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Sonoran Desert Wolfberry   2 comments

Sonoran Desert Wolfberry — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Brilliant green and red

Colors of the holidays

Painting the desert.

— kenne

Christmas Greater Roadrunner Is Spying On You   7 comments

Sabino Canyon Colors Dec 2013-9134_Christmas Roadrunner blog“Christmas Greater Roadrunner” — Image by kenne

You better watch out 
You better not sigh 
You better not doubt 
I’m telling you why 
Christmas Roadrunner is spying on you

He runs level to the ground
Watching your every move
Running through this land of brown
Always knowing how to sing and grove

He sees you, you don’t see him
Quiet when you are near by
Sometimes on a low limb
Raising a bushy blue-black crest high

You better watch out
Cause he may suddenly run at you
So, you better not doubt
I’m telling you true
Christmas Roadrunner is spying on you

— kenne

My Christmas Cactus — Entering Stage Right On Cue   7 comments

Christmas CactusMy Christmas Cactus — Image by kenne

my Christmas cactus

understands the show

entering stage right

on cue

— kenne

Santa Claus Katelyn, 2005   1 comment

Christmas '0523 Katelyn art blogTwo-Year Old Katelyn, Christmas ’05 — Image by kenne

The Eyes Tell You

Little girls have a mysterious power,
But not all can feel it – when she does,
You can see it in her eyes.

As she matures, she is driven
To climb the tower of perfection,
Always resisting her own indifference.

Her enigmatic power is needed
To stir the artist inside,
To triumph over the unenlightened.

In her own way, she will find something new,
Something never before encountered
Placing art in a world void of feeling.

Inventive, she will act,
Sometimes seeking out failure
In order to turn it into a triumph.

Once her power is transformed
By the magical virtue of art,
Loving and understanding becomes simpler.

— kenne

Spirit Of The Holidays — A Still Life   2 comments

Makers Make Still Life-9102 Art II blogSpirit of the Holidays Still Life — Image by kenne

Whisky, orchids and art,

A holiday greeting to all —

Joy, love and inspiration.

— kenne

Mother’s Day 2013 — Words Are All I Have   3 comments

a-mothers-love-blogChase and Mother Agnes — Image my kenne

Thinking about Mother

I thought about yesterday
Remembering the moments

I thought about today
Taking a deep breath.

I thought about tomorrow
Exceeding my grasp.

I thought about time
Wondering about timeless.

I thought about life,
Asking the questions.

I thought about people,
Knowing not what I see.

I thought about what is,
Wondering why?

I thought about ideals,
Seeking what should be.

I thought about truth,
Confusing it with the facts.

I thought about art,
Becoming aware.

I thought about love
Touching the feeling.

I thought about Joy,
Feeling love inside. 

I thought about you,
Walking with long shadows

I thought again of tomorrow
Sharing your path.

 These are my words to you, Mother. We miss you every day, especially on Mother’s Day!

— kenne

“It’s only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away.”

Decorating Creosote Bushes At Christmas   5 comments

Christmas 2012

Images by kenne

Driving old Route 66 in the foothills of the Black Mountains near Oatman, Arizona, we noticed one of the ever-present Creosote bushes along the edge of the highway was decorated. Figuring this had to be a photo opt, I stopped to capture the moment.

Continuing our drive to Oatman, we saw another decorated Creosote bush: then another and another. I have since learn that this is a Christmas tradition — children decorating the bushes along Route 66 outside of Oatman.


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A Gallery of 2012 ImagesThat Appeared On “Becoming is Superior to Being”   6 comments

The following gallery contains

a representative review

of the many photos contained

in the 519 postings in 2012,

which had over 46,000 views.

What an enjoyable year of

photographing nature and sharing them —

the best example I know of

“Becoming is Superior to Being.”



(Click on any of the thumbnails to see larger views in a slideshow.)

Joy To The World   7 comments

december-snow_20111215_0797-art-ii-blog-1 Christmas LightsImage by kenne


Joy & Kenne

Capturing The Moment — Little Snow-Covered Tree: “Noel Noel”   3 comments

Little Tree In Snow blogMt. Lemmon, December 22, 2011 — Image by Kenne

New snow-covered tree

Dressed white in forest shadows

Stood bent before me.


little tree


little tree

little silent Christmas tree

you are so little

you are more like a flower

who found you in the green forest

and were you very sorry to come away?

see i will comfort you

because you smell so sweetly

i will kiss your cool bark

and hug you safe and tight

just as your mother would,

only don’t be afraid

look the spangles

that sleep all the year in a dark box

dreaming of being taken out and allowed to shine,

the balls the chains red and gold the fluffy threads,

put up your little arms

and i’ll give them all to you to hold

every finger shall have its ring

and there won’t be a single place dark or unhappy

then when you’re quite dressed

you’ll stand in the window for everyone to see

and how they’ll stare!

oh but you’ll be very proud

and my little sister and i will take hands

and looking up at our beautiful tree

we’ll dance and sing

“Noel Noel”

4th Avenue Street Fair Fall 2012 109 blogImage by kenne


Capturing the Word — Christmas Eve Alone   1 comment

Image by kenne

The original photo was taken at the Corner Pub in Conroe, Texas during the Christmas season. It was a merry time, but this image of one of the band members out of Austin, on his cell phone gave a different image.

Christmas Eve Alone

In the shadows of street lights
Outside the courthouse walls
Mused as they access the night

Leaning against the door’s edge
Not sure if I should go in
Or stay out and take the pledge

Gazing into the dark pub
Not penetrating the door
Peppered with eyes in the club

My shadow touching each eye
Knowing only my dark image
Masked in a fear of reply

So, lonely are the shadows
Confined by all nearby objects
Blurring in with all that glows


Thanksgiving in Southern California   1 comment

Image by kenne

About 25 family and friends gathered at the annual Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Jody and Jim in the Redlands. This was Joy’s first opportunity in 32 years to attend the annual dinner. As it has been here in Tucson, the weather was cool, but sunny. We had a pleasant seven hour drive over on Wednesday, and returned on Saturday to freezing conditions here in the desert with some of the coldest days in a decade.  Tuesday the 30th, was 23 degrees, breaking the 1934 record low. The area has a lot of plant damage.


(Flickr Photo Set)

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