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Conroe’s Corner Pub   2 comments

Sonny Boy Terry & Michael Durbin-HopperSonny Boy Terry and Michael Durbin In Conroe’s Corner Pub (04/14/07) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“The more one loves music,

the less music one loves.”

— Really?!!

I was going through some of my brother’s notes on music this morning and came upon the Roger Sessions statement, “The more one loves music, the less music one loves.” From my own personal experience, there is music I may not have liked but learned to love it.

So, I decided to research the context of what Sessions was saying.

“. . . this initial stage in listening to music is an entirely direct one; the listener brings to the music whatever he can bring, with no other preoccupation than that of hearing. This is, of course, what is to be desired; it is the condition of his really hearing. He will hear the music only to the extent that he identifies himself with it, establishing a fresh and essentially naive contact with it, without preconceived ideas and without strained effort.

. . . the listener’s reaction is immediate and seems, in a sense, identical with the act of hearing. Undoubtedly this is what many listeners expect. And yet, on occasion, one may listen to music attentively, without any conscious response to it until afterward; one’s very attention may be so absorbed that a vivid sense of the sound is retained, but a sense of communications experienced only later. It is this sense of communication to which I refer under the term ‘enjoyment’; obviously, one may not and often does not, in any real sense, ‘enjoy’ what is being communities. There is certainly some music that we never ‘enjoy’; experience inevitably fosters discrimination, and there is certainly some truth even in the frequent, seemingly paradoxical statement that ‘the more one loves music, the less music one loves.’ This statement is true in a sense if we understand it as applying to the experience of an individual, and not a general rule. But if our relation to the music is a healthy one — that is to say, a direct and simple one — our primary and quite spontaneous effort will to deny it.”

The more you learn about something you like, the more you will love it.

— kenne



Capturing the Word — Christmas Eve Alone   1 comment

Image by kenne

The original photo was taken at the Corner Pub in Conroe, Texas during the Christmas season. It was a merry time, but this image of one of the band members out of Austin, on his cell phone gave a different image.

Christmas Eve Alone

In the shadows of street lights
Outside the courthouse walls
Mused as they access the night

Leaning against the door’s edge
Not sure if I should go in
Or stay out and take the pledge

Gazing into the dark pub
Not penetrating the door
Peppered with eyes in the club

My shadow touching each eye
Knowing only my dark image
Masked in a fear of reply

So, lonely are the shadows
Confined by all nearby objects
Blurring in with all that glows


Mean Gene Kelton @ The Corner Pub — August 2008   7 comments

Joni, Joy and Gene December 31, 2008 — Image by kenne

On an August, 2008, Saturday evening, at the Corner Pub in Conroe, Texas, I was photographing and videoing Mean Gene Kelton and The Die Hards. I had several video clips, from which I put two in the first video I ever edited. After making one movie, my inexperience caused me to lose all the clips. On several occasions since then, I have tried to find the old clips. Meanwhile, I misfiled the movie. But as fate would have it, yesterday while looking for some other video files, I found this 2 1/2-year old video.

Since the passing of Gene in late December, this video is dedicated to the memory of Mean Gene Kelton, one of Houston’s great blues & rock singer/songwriters, and all the Die Hards everywhere. We miss you, Gene!


They Call It Stormy Monday — Mr. V with Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards — Revisited   4 comments

Corner Pub In Conroe, TX — Image by kenne

(First Posted, January 2009)

Anyone that is a Blues lover in Houston, Texas knows about KPFT’s “Blues On The Move” Sunday morning show, hosted by “The Love Doctor,” Mr. V (James Vaughn) and his lovely wife, Mrs. “V” (Jo).  wherever live Blues is happening in Houston, it’s not uncommon to see the “V’s” in the house, and Saturday night at the Corner Pub in Conroe was no exception.  This time the “V’s” were there to see Mean Gene Kelton and the Diehards, along with many of the original “Friends of The Blues — Montgomery County.”  (FOBulous!)

As usual, I was taking some photos and when Mr. V went on stage, I pulled out my little video camera. (I’m still working on the best way to upload my HD video to YouTube, so I’m still not pleased with the quality.) This was a reunion, of sorts, from last year Mr. V’ 69th birthday and in Memphis.

The song Mr. V does is Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday’s Just As Bad) by legendary and great, T. Bone Walker.


P.S. We miss you Gene!

Worshipping Walt Whitman   1 comment

Michael Robertson Image by kenne

“Conroe, Texas, does not seem, at first glance, a promising spot for poetry,” writes Michael Robertson in his 2008 book, “Worshipping Walt – The Whitman Disciples.” Robertson first experienced our annual celebration of Walt Whitman’s birthday in May 2005.

“ Parsons [Dave] kicked off the 2005 Whitman birthday celebration by inviting members from the audience to come up and read Whitman poems that matter to them,” Robertson continues on. “They had come to otherwise deserted downtown Conroe on a weeknight, not for aesthetic pleasure – or not only for that – but for the chance to testify to this poetry’s meaning in their lives.”

Robertson returned again for the celebration in 2007 and will be making his third appearance on May 20th, 3:00 p.m., in the Lone Star College – Montgomery library. Later in the evening (7:00 p.m.), he will participate in the “Gathering of Poets” reading Whitman poetry at the Corner Pub in downtown Conroe. For those of us who have been a part of the “Writers in Performance Series” and the annual Whitman celebration, and as the Montgomery County disciples of Whitman, it is an honor to be recognized by noted Whitman expert Michael Robertson.

We encourage all to come worship with us on May 20th. You will find that nobody will talk about Whitman as a spiritual leader, but as Robertson wrote, “ . . . that all expressed a deep personal connection to his poetry.”


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Jonn Richardson & Rich Del Grosso Acoustic Session   2 comments

Jonn Richardson (presently touring with Otis Taylor and Diunna Greenleaf( and Rich Del Grosso (Vizztone Recording artist touring solo and with Fionna Boyles and Mookie Brill) did a rare acoustic session at The Corner Pub, February 19, 2009.


Mean Gene Kelton @ The Corner Pub   2 comments

When asked to pick their lucky number, most people would not choose the number eight unless you are Chinese, of course. In the math world, it’s not even considered a “prime” number or a “perfect” number. But, on the night of the triple-eights (888), there was plenty of magic at Conroe’s The Corner Pub. Some might say it was even spiritual, as in a new beginning. Mean Gene Kelton showcased his many talents helping to make August 8, 2008, not just another day. Only time will tell the significance of this day, but I can’t help but feel that something was coming to completion and a new cycle was beginning.

I have seen Gene perform many times over the years. Whether doing Elvis covers or his own songs, Gene always pours himself into the music. This Friday evening was no exception. However, on this evening, there was something more that seemed to signal a harmonious breakthrough to a new level. Call it well balanced; pleasant; congruous; agreeable; or friendly, it was the harmonious result of fusing electric with acoustic together, resulting in a “perfect figure eight.”

As I have often done, I spent the evening taking photos of Gene and the band. (Joy claims that I have more photos of Gene than I do of our grandchildren.) But, on this evening, I was also using my new video camera, which means that I’m now trying to cram into a few weeks what has taken many years of photography skill development. I’m using Final Cut Express to edit the video and sound, but much is lost when compressed for the web. Regardless, I have provided a link to “Mean Gene Kelton at The Corner Pub.” Although shot in color, I desaturated the color because I like the effect of the Pub venue.

Your comments are most welcomed.

— Kenne

(Photo Set)

P.S. I want to thank Kathy and Bob for being our guests.  It’s always a pleasure to introduce friends to Mean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards.

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