Mean Gene Kelton @ The Corner Pub — August 2008   7 comments

Joni, Joy and Gene December 31, 2008 — Image by kenne

On an August, 2008, Saturday evening, at the Corner Pub in Conroe, Texas, I was photographing and videoing Mean Gene Kelton and The Die Hards. I had several video clips, from which I put two in the first video I ever edited. After making one movie, my inexperience caused me to lose all the clips. On several occasions since then, I have tried to find the old clips. Meanwhile, I misfiled the movie. But as fate would have it, yesterday while looking for some other video files, I found this 2 1/2-year old video.

Since the passing of Gene in late December, this video is dedicated to the memory of Mean Gene Kelton, one of Houston’s great blues & rock singer/songwriters, and all the Die Hards everywhere. We miss you, Gene!


7 responses to “Mean Gene Kelton @ The Corner Pub — August 2008

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  1. Kenne we recorded this show, do you have more video? Mr V’s perfomance you posted last month was not this show.


  2. Great video


  3. Kenne, I’ve got video from our series “Texas Blues/ A Retrospective” with Frank Salvato and his wife. That was one of my favorite videos. I had it ready for the memorial but I couldn’t make it. Gene was a brother. We both were disk jockeys at KBUK in Baytown, we loved Blues and were huge Gary Moore fans. We lost Gary Moore last week. Gene’s up there jammin with the man! Nice video… I hope to get some of this up for others to enjoy, soon.


    Dale and Denise Armet


  5. do you still have video of Gene at Corner Pub 8-8-2008


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