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Eyes Closed Creating A Zen Moment   1 comment

Japanese Garden (1 of 1)-4_art III blog“A Zen Moment” — Computer Painting by kenne

on the scene
I close my eyes
to what was there
now captured 
in my mind’s eye
painting it with
my imagination —
taking a new course.

— kenne 

Stages   Leave a comment

Yellow Wildflower (1 of 1)-2 stages art blogStages — Computer Art by kenne

I see what is
and imagine ways
to make it different.

Imagination allows me
to become a maker of
a new image out of self

thereby merging the
real with the ideal —
not a difference in kind.

— kenne

Grunge ‘n’ the Vancouver Skyline   Leave a comment

Vancouver Skyline (1 of 1)-3 Grunge Art blog-2Vancouver Skyline (Photo Image from August, 2009) — Grunge Art by kenne

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune,
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,
Strong and content I travel the open road.

— from “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman

The Wave In Vermilion Cliffs National Monument   2 comments

The Wave March 2012 - 2012-03-21 at 14-08-12 blogThe Wave In Vermilion Cliffs National Monument (March 21, 2012) — Image by Kenne

The sun crests over

one of the slot canyons

where layers of colors

accent the wave

on the slopes

of the Coyote Buttes.

— kenne

White Edges On Yellow   2 comments

“White Edges on Yellow” — Image by kenne

“Lay down these words . . .”   1 comment

7 Falls (1 of 1)-23 blogBear Canyon Creek, Santa Catalina Mountains — Images by kenne


Lay down these words 
Before your mind like rocks. 
                     place solid, by hands
In choice of place, set
Before the body of the mind
                     in space and time:
Solidity of bark, leaf, or wall
                     riprap of things:
Cobble of milky way,
                    straying planets
These poems, people,
                     lost ponies with
Dragging saddles
                    and rocky sure-foot trails.
The worlds like endless
Game of Go.
                   ants and pebbles
in the thin loam, each rock a word
                   a creek-washed stone
Granite: ingrained
                     with torment of fire and weight
Crystal and sediment linked hot 
                     all change, in thoughts,
As well as things.

— Gary Snyder

Snyder, Tucson Festival, Garage Gallery

Gary Snyder at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, 2010

Looking Through The Looking Glass   2 comments

Sunset (1 of 1) art II blogLooking Through the Looking Glass — Image by kenne

Once I walked along a field
Another nightmare in my mind
And beheld the fearful symmetry
Everything was beautiful
Even things that were dead
And I surged with violent imagery

I walked a thousand miles just to see for myself
Looked behind my eyes
And found my hell
And in the light of the sun we go
Through rain and raging snow
To find the things we do not know

I will go
Never laying low
Just tell me how to breathe
And I will make it so
You must know
That this is not for show
And if you are not wise
(It will) be your demise

— from Through the Looking Glass by Machinae Supremacy

Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair Snapshots   Leave a comment

Folks sip margaritas and beer,
smoke babyback ribs, gorge themselves
on sweet corn and watermelon,
clamoring for the yearly fireworks show,
patriotic bombs bursting in air
to celebrate the unalienable rights
to send aliens back where they came from
and to treat everyone as an illegal
just for breathing the air of liberty
in the land of the free and home of the brave.
Storm clouds build on the mountains,
gusts whipping through the valley
shaking ancient saguaro to the roots.

Sonoran Monsoon Season by Audell Shelburne


Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair Snapshots (December 13, 2014) Images by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Artist In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

Artist In The Desert (1 of 1) 2x3 art_edit framed blogArtist In Sabino Canyon — Computer Painting by kenne

Photo to painting

Artist painting in the wild

Wild inspiration.

— kenne

Losing Count . . .   Leave a comment

Golden columbine (1 of 1) art_II. blogGolden Columbine — Computer Painting by kenne

Lost in the numbers
The count of these columbine
I have photographed.

Don’t really care
They never all look alike,
Each has character.

Golden columbine
Are always very special,
Being different.

A moment in time
Will never repeat itself,
Look for the contrast.

Time, light and darkness
Create new moments to love,
Capture each moment.

Will teach you to live somewhere
Between each moment.

Stay in the moment
And you become imprisoned
In your own being.

In photography
Each moment is connected,
Yet disconnected.

An artist chooses
To capture and/or create
Images to view.

A moment captured
Will never be viewed the same,
So get use to it!

— kenne



Capturing The Moment — Arizona Sunset   7 comments

Sunset Obsract_20120217_1698 framed blog“Arizona Sunset” — Photo-Artistry by kenne


On this exquisite sky,
& long past the violet
the clouds lie shredded
the gray camellias —
a desire for wings
atop the cold mountains.

A sunset that’s tinted
with shadows like this one
will call forth a vast night
sans breeze, sans highways.

— Federico Garcia Lorca

Sonoran Desert Twin Towers Haiku   1 comment

Baby Jesus TrailSonoran Desert Twin Towers — Image by kenne

Desert Twin Towers

Reaching high into the sky

Real kickass cactus. 

— kenne

Waves Of Time   2 comments

Green Mountain TrailWaves of Time — Image by kenne


Once a giant in the mountain forest
Twisting and turning with its peers
Learning to live without water
Never throwing in the sponge
Holding on, soaking up the summer rains.

Adapting to wet and dry cycles
Carved by the extremes in time
The movement of countless suns
Forming a path in between
Leaving behind waves of time.

— kenne


Thanksgiving Cigar   1 comment

Thanksgiving 2012 Oceanside“Thanksgiving Cigar” — Image by kenne


the table is clean

we are stuffed with food and drink

a cigar moment

— kenne

Peace Struggles   1 comment

Patio August 2010Peace Struggles — Image by kenne

Doves of peace struggle

In the branches of terror

Money buying fear.

— kenne

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