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Waves Of Time   2 comments

Green Mountain TrailWaves of Time — Image by kenne


Once a giant in the mountain forest
Twisting and turning with its peers
Learning to live without water
Never throwing in the sponge
Holding on, soaking up the summer rains.

Adapting to wet and dry cycles
Carved by the extremes in time
The movement of countless suns
Forming a path in between
Leaving behind waves of time.

— kenne


Water Adds To Both Life and Death   Leave a comment

Butterfly Trail July 2013Hiking down the trail before the rain

Butterfly Trail July 2013Caught in the rain on the way back up the trail, the colors jump at me. Water adds to both life and death. — Image by kenne

being in the forest
nurtured by water
maintains life
adding to
nature’s beauty

a fallen dead tree
blocking the trail
opening the path
leaving behind
an artifact


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