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Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair Snapshots   Leave a comment

Folks sip margaritas and beer,
smoke babyback ribs, gorge themselves
on sweet corn and watermelon,
clamoring for the yearly fireworks show,
patriotic bombs bursting in air
to celebrate the unalienable rights
to send aliens back where they came from
and to treat everyone as an illegal
just for breathing the air of liberty
in the land of the free and home of the brave.
Storm clouds build on the mountains,
gusts whipping through the valley
shaking ancient saguaro to the roots.

Sonoran Monsoon Season by Audell Shelburne


Tucson 4th Avenue Street Fair Snapshots (December 13, 2014) Images by kenne


Saving The Season By Capturing The Moment   2 comments

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13Dan Granger photographing columbine on the Box Camp Trail

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13Not meant to be a Canon ad, but . . .

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13Golden Columbine — Images by kenne

Unlike “nature walks,” hikes usually don’t allow time to stop and capture the moment — unless one is willing to be left behind, unnerving the guides.

This summer the SCVN hikes on Mount Lemmon have been very dry, dusty experiences minus the color of the usual mountain wildflowers. So, when flowers are spotted, inducing trance-like states, as in the case of columbines in a mountain canyon where a small stream might normally exist, some of us cannot pass up the moment connecting nature with our being in the digital world.

July rains should bring on an ever-changing kaleidoscope of wildflowers. But, for now, we feel the call of the wild to save the season by capturing the moment in a time our culture and technology are becoming more complex, more intricate, and more challenging to control.

Nature is a sphere
Revealing cosmic patterns
In all the clitter

— kenne


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