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Christmas For Two   10 comments

Christmas Eve 2020 Sunset (Tucson) — Images by kenne

Christmas for two

2010 was our first
Christmas in Tucson
we spent it together 
hiking nearby trails
swimming in the pool
enjoying our new desert life.

over the years, we traveled
each Christmas
spending time with family

now ten years out
the curse of COVID
has limited our travels
we are together again
on Christmas Eve watching
another beautiful sunset 

we miss not being
with family and friends
a price for the future

— kenne

“Spinning Song” — A Love Song

Poinsettia Leaves   2 comments

Poinsettia Leaves — Image by kenne

leaves of red and green

with candles and figurines 

decorate our home

— kenne

Christmas Eve In The Desert   4 comments

Christmas 2012Christmas Eve In The Desert — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Continue to digest the emptiness

The wise say all things are

connected in the Universe,

And remain so throughout time

Continue to digest the emptiness.

The foolish create aliens

from the unknown

“See the dragon in my garage.”

Continue to digest the emptiness.

Still trying to understand the message

in our fleeing experience

we seek to be identical with the stable.

Continue to digest the emptiness.

Our impermanent passing experience

is where knowledge exist

by not minimizing the significance of the whole

Continue to digest the emptiness.

Nothing can be retained

Even knowledge, like the fruit of the tree

decays as soon as it is ripe

Continue to digest the emptiness.

As gatekeepers to all things connected

By opening the gates to experience

We learn to love and care for others

Continue to digest the emptiness.

Seek not to ripen on the tree of knowledge

for knowledge that is “crystal-clear.”

only decays when ripe

Continue to digest the emptiness.

To stop connecting is to

Is to see the fruit as a constant red

Let the shade is continually changing

Continue to digest the emptiness.

Because we may lack the realization

Should stop us from crawling

with the “struggling ant.”

Continue to digest the emptiness.

As our reality is narrowed

Our ability to connect

Creating meaning and value is diminished

Continue to digest the emptiness.


— kenne

Raven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve   2 comments

RavensRaven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve — Photo-Artistry by kenne

two ravens in a tree
on Christmas Eve
showing affection
bobbing heads in
silent communication
when with a quick nod
one flies off signaling
the other to follow —
contemplate the void
suddenly my eyes blear.

— kenne

Eighty Degrees On Christmas Eve   Leave a comment


Edge of East End Park_blog.jpg

lake-houston-east-end-park_blogKingwood, Texas East End Park On Christmas Eve — iPhone Panoramas by kenne

Joy ToThe World, Christmas Eve, 2016   3 comments

Computer Art by kenne


Joy & Kenne

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Christmas Coach   8 comments

Christmas Coach (1 of 1) art blogChristmas Coach — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Capturing the Word — Christmas Eve Alone   1 comment

Image by kenne

The original photo was taken at the Corner Pub in Conroe, Texas during the Christmas season. It was a merry time, but this image of one of the band members out of Austin, on his cell phone gave a different image.

Christmas Eve Alone

In the shadows of street lights
Outside the courthouse walls
Mused as they access the night

Leaning against the door’s edge
Not sure if I should go in
Or stay out and take the pledge

Gazing into the dark pub
Not penetrating the door
Peppered with eyes in the club

My shadow touching each eye
Knowing only my dark image
Masked in a fear of reply

So, lonely are the shadows
Confined by all nearby objects
Blurring in with all that glows


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