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Saguaro Hole In The Sky   2 comments

Saguaro Hole In The Sky (1 of 1)-3 blogSaguaro Hole In The Sky — Computer Painting by kenne

Desert sky heats up
Flames of fire paint the sky
Just in my mind’s eye.

— kenne

Tanuri Ridge Sunrise   1 comment

MORNING WALK_20100811_0273 SUNRISE V blogTanuri Ridge Sunrise — Computer Art by kenne


Why do we bother with the rest of the day,
the swale of the afternoon,
the sudden dip into evening,

then night with his notorious perfumes,
his many-pointed stars?

This is the best—
throwing off the light covers,
feet on the cold floor,
and buzzing around the house on espresso—

maybe a splash of water on the face,
a palmful of vitamins—
but mostly buzzing around the house on espresso,

dictionary and atlas open on the rug,
the typewriter waiting for the key of the head,
a cello on the radio,

and, if necessary, the windows—
trees fifty, a hundred years old
out there,
heavy clouds on the way
and the lawn steaming like a horse
in the early morning.

— Billy Collins

Grunge’n’Art Mexican Duck   Leave a comment

Whitewater Draw (1 of 1)-17 Mexican Duck II_art blogMexican Duck — Grunge Art by kenne

Mexican duck art
Created from a photo
My grunge’n’art piece.

— kenne


Eastern Bluebird   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk 08-08-12Eastern Bluebird — Computer Art by kenne

When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree, you have not seen them all.

— E. O. Wilson

In My Mexican Festival Colors   Leave a comment

Desert Spiny  (1 of 1) framed blog“In My Mexican Festival Colors” — Desert Spiny Lizard by kenne


Decorated Dove   1 comment

White-winged Dove (1 of 1) art blogDecorated Dove — Computer Painting by kenne

Decorated dove

Prancing around the fountain —

Love is in the air.

— kenne

Photography   3 comments

Cactus Flowers (1 of 1)-2 art-blogCactus Blossom — Image by kenne


You have taken this picture a hundred times
and you will take it again when its as time comes.
Each flower is like a snow flake, unique to itself,
molded by the light and darkness of time, 
given movement by the spinning wind and
moisten by the gentle desert winter rains.
Yes, the blossom may look familiar 
because your mind’s eye is reminding 
you of other intimate moments
when you were taken by its beauty, but
this time you bring new subjective  experiences
of time adding to your excitement as you observe
the mystery and the awe of the cactus blossom.

— kenne


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