Raven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve   2 comments

RavensRaven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve — Photo-Artistry by kenne

two ravens in a tree
on Christmas Eve
showing affection
bobbing heads in
silent communication
when with a quick nod
one flies off signaling
the other to follow —
contemplate the void
suddenly my eyes blear.

— kenne

2 responses to “Raven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve

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  1. You’ve captured a very special Corvus moment! Merry Christmas, kenne.

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  2. Poem and ravens – thank you! – delightful Christmas gift in my reader! Oh, to be a raven and capable of flying off, calling for lover to follow … oh, to be the lover capable of flying off to follow in some mischievous fashion, teasing with caws and circuitous air path …
    I LOVE watching ravens when we’re in New Mexico near Cloudcroft. This takes me there.

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