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Ravens Gathering On The Ridge   1 comment

Ravens Gathering On The Ridge — Image by kenne

Ravens on the ridge

Gather for the funeral

Death is without end.

— kenne


A Pair of Ravens: Birds of the Darkness   4 comments

A Pair of Ravens-72A Pair of Ravens: Birds of the Darkness — Image by kenne

Birds of the darkness
Tired of groping in the dark
Ravens stole the sun.

— kenne

Raven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve   2 comments

RavensRaven Lovebirds On Christmas Eve — Photo-Artistry by kenne

two ravens in a tree
on Christmas Eve
showing affection
bobbing heads in
silent communication
when with a quick nod
one flies off signaling
the other to follow —
contemplate the void
suddenly my eyes blear.

— kenne

Two Ravens   1 comment

Ravens“Two Ravens” — Grunge Art by kenne

Two ravens find love
Sharing many emotions —
Together for life.

Known as a jokester
This black bird of nevermore —
Messenger for gods.

The bird’s intense gaze
depicting evil to some —
souls of wicked priests.

Disregard the myths
Of dark pressing messages —
nevermore to break.

— kenne

Hiking Pima Canyon And Becoming Intrigued With A Flock Of Ravens   Leave a comment

The first gallery of photos was taken on the SCVN Friday hike in Pima Canyon (November 6, 2015). During the hike we notice a flock of ravens, not a common sight since raven tend to be solitary or in pairs. So, later in the day I did a little research on ravens. The best answer I could find for why ravens might flock together was that of young migrating ravens.

(Click on any of the images for a larger view in a slideshow format.)

Young Ravens may form juvenile flocks or “gangs”, which helps them when they are foraging for food.  They actually play together, flying and catching objects in the air.  They will make their own toys for entertainment, play with wolves or dogs in a game of chase, and even slide down snow hills — interesting!

Like many people, I’m fascinated by these very intelligent birds and take photos of them at every opportunity. Here are a few.


Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment, Again — “The Three Wise Ravens”   Leave a comment

“The Three Wise Ravens” — Computer Art by kenne


Tis the season of wonder,

the time of the golden dawn.

Three magi all in black,

barriers of exotic wisdom.

Ancient philosophers and priests

carefully phrasing their questions,

In union with good thought,

in word and in deed.

It is between these that

wise men choose what is right.


Peace and Goodwill To All,

Happy Holidays!

kenne & joy

(Originally posted December 21, 2011)

Capturing The Moment — Love Birds   Leave a comment

Ravens (1 of 1) framed blog“Love Birds” — Images by kenne

Mournful Raven

A woeful morning call,
Sadness? Loneliness? Lustfulness?
Not recognizable by my ear.

At a distance another call,
The familiar sound of a raven
Answering the morning call.

Landing next to the other;
Touching, kissing, loving —
Embracing sounds of silence.

— kenne

Ravens (1 of 1)-3 Framed blog

Now That You Have Me Out On A Limb, Can We Talk?   Leave a comment

Ravens (1 of 1) blogNow that you have me out on a limb,can we talk? — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Two Ravens   8 comments



Ravens“Two Ravens” — Images by kenne

Hugnin and Munin

Thoughts look to the future
Memories to the past
Both are ravens
And neither will last

Both will pluck out your eyes
Should you ever forget
Both are ravens
And neither relent

Their terror is matched
By only their might and their splendor
Both are ravens
Who always return to their sender

Without thought a fool
Memories loss is un-birth
Both are ravens
And each may fall to the earth

One is truth
And one is fiction
Both are ravens
Neither offer protection

Thought is harsh
And memory kind
Both are ravens
And neither are mine 

Rob W. Hansen
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