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Lanceleaf Goldeneye — Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Lanceleaf Goldeneye Grunge Art-Edit-4-72-blogLanceleaf Goldeneye — Grunge Art by kenne

Growing near water
Upper Sabino Canyon
Within reach of hearts.

— kenne

Greater Roadrunner — Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Greater Roadrunner-art-blogGreater Roadrunner — Grunge Art by kenne

He is a joker
Not a singer, he just clicks
To get attention.

— kenne

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly — Grunge Art   1 comment

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterflies-Edit-2-art-blog.jpgTwo-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly — Grunge Art by kenne

Landscape Seen with the Nose

A cold tremor
burnt out of flesh by
the roosters
Drops a cloud on the prairie.
In the house
someone’s burning
The chaff.
The plows will come
with the down.

— Federico Garcia Lorca

A Gathering On A Buttonbush Flower   Leave a comment

Insects on Buttonbush (1 of 1)Grunge Art-blogA Gathering of Insects On a Buttonbush Flower — Photo-Artistry by kenne


Bird On A Cut Branch   2 comments

Bird on Limb Art July 2018 blogBird On A Cut Branch — Digital Art by kenne

Bird on a cut branch
Given a grunge backdrop
Posting something new.

— kenne

Phainopepla Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Phainopepla DSC_1543 art blogPhainopepla Grunge Art by kenne

Living on berries
The little seeds just past through
Sticking to the branch.

— kenne

A Cocklebur Night   Leave a comment

Cockleburs (1 of 1) grunge art II blogCockleburs — Grunge Art by kenne

A Cocklebur Night

She was hard to see in the dark,
I called and called but her puppy spirit
Was sending an invitation to go play —
It was late and dark, not a time for playing.

I was not interested in chasing her in the dark,
So I closed the door and waited for ten minutes.
Not hearing her bark, I checked on her,
Again, calling and calling — this time looking for her.

Frustrated and worried, I went back into the house.
Through the night I listened for her.
Waking early at first light I readied for a search,
But as I opened the door, there she was

Lying on the “Welcome” doormat.
Jumping up, I hugged her,
Feeling the imbedded cockleburs
Collected from her night of play.

— kenne

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