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Neighborhood Ravens   1 comment

A Raven Couple Lives In Our Neighborhood — Image by kenne 

The Hills of Cualann

In the youth of summer
The hills of Cualann
Are two golden horns,
Two breasts of childing,
Two two of light.

In the age of winter
They are two rusted swords,
Two waves of darkness,
Two moons of ice.

— Joseph Campbell

Raven In Flight Spreading Out Its Glossy Wings   Leave a comment

Raven in Flight — Image by kenne

“The raven spread out its glossy wings and departed like hope.”

— Cecilia Dart-Thornton, The Battle of Evernight

Saguaros In Sabino Canyon   3 comments

Saguaro Cactus-9657-art-72Saguaros In Sabino Canyon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit,
and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.
A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild,
the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins
and betraying the principle of civilization itself.”

— Edward Abbey

Three Ravens Of Christmas   2 comments

Three Ravens-II-72.jpgThree Ravens Of Christmas — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Ravens high on a snow-covered tree
Carrying on a winter conversation
Shaking snow on passersby.
What fun for them and those watching
Sharing the spirit of a new-fallen snow
Passing clouds and a nipping wind
Add mystery to a wintery scene.

— kenne

A Dark and Cloudy Morning   Leave a comment

A Raven Morning_Oil blogA Raven Morning in Sabino Canyon — Computer Painting by kenne

The ravens paint the picture 
interrupting a manifestation of being
when what seems close is still far away

on a dark and cloudy morning,
yet knowing not to sit in silence.

— kenne

Hiking Pima Canyon And Becoming Intrigued With A Flock Of Ravens   Leave a comment

The first gallery of photos was taken on the SCVN Friday hike in Pima Canyon (November 6, 2015). During the hike we notice a flock of ravens, not a common sight since raven tend to be solitary or in pairs. So, later in the day I did a little research on ravens. The best answer I could find for why ravens might flock together was that of young migrating ravens.

(Click on any of the images for a larger view in a slideshow format.)

Young Ravens may form juvenile flocks or “gangs”, which helps them when they are foraging for food.  They actually play together, flying and catching objects in the air.  They will make their own toys for entertainment, play with wolves or dogs in a game of chase, and even slide down snow hills — interesting!

Like many people, I’m fascinated by these very intelligent birds and take photos of them at every opportunity. Here are a few.


Images by kenne

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