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Roadrunner In Olive Tree   Leave a comment

Roadrunner in Olive Tree

Almost Blown Off  the Limb by Strong Gust of Wind — Images by kenne

Roadrunner on limb

Checking out the olive tree —

Ornate tree lizards.

Looking all around

A windy day in the tree

Safer on the ground

— kenne

Mined If I Squzze In   Leave a comment

Three White-winged Doves with a Mourning Dove Trying to Hold On for Dear Life at the Same Feeder — Image by kenne

Greet each man with words of love
And peace,
And a dove will be placed
On an olive tree.

— from Peace of Man Suzy Kassem

Gila Woodpeckers Frequently Visit Our Patio   Leave a comment

Gila Woodpeckers Frequently Visit Our Patio (July 10, 2022) — Images by kenne
Having Water and Food Available Daily Attracts Many Birds

“Gila Woodpeckers are grayish brown birds with brilliant black-and-white barring on the wings, back, and tail.
In flight, the outer wings are black with a crescent-shaped white patch at the base of the primary feathers.
Males have a red patch in the center of the crown.” –
– Source:

March Winds   Leave a comment

Birds Nest — Image by kenne

It’s not uncommon for March to have some high gusty winds here in Tucson. I didn’t find this nest at the base 
of the patio olive tree until a few days had fallen from the tree. For these baby birds, life was short-lived.

— kenne

Ripe Olives   Leave a comment

Ripe Olives — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Happiness is having three garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives
in your martini when you are hungry.”

— kenne

Mourning Dove In The Olive Tree   Leave a comment

Mourning Dove-72Mourning Dove In The Olive Tree — Image by kenne

Goodmorning Miss Dove

I see you up in the tree

Not to mourn today.

— kenne


Back In Tucson After Harvey   Leave a comment

Roadrunner-0295 blogGreater Roadrunner In Patio Olive Tree — Image by kenne

As if to welcome us back, this roadrunner was in the olive tree on our patio. Nice to see you, my friend.

Greater roadrunner
Up in the patio tree
Beep-beep back at you.

— kenne

Postcards From My Olive Tree   1 comment

Photo Postcards Created by kenne
(Click on any of the images to see larger view in a slideshow format.)

105 Degrees In The Shade   4 comments

Roadrunner (1 of 1)-3 blog

Roadrunner August 14 2015 (1 of 1)-2 blog105 Degrees In The Shade — Images by kenne

Home from a hike on Mt. Lemmon
just finished downloading images

when Joy announce to me,
“A roadrunner was on the patio.”

Grabbing my camera off the desk
I went to the patio door

where I could see the bird
on a branch of the olive tree

above the water fountain —
105 degrees in the shade.

— kenne

Ornate Tree Lizard On Olive Tress   Leave a comment

Ornate Tree Lizard (1 of 1) blogOrnate Tree Lizard on Olive Tree — Image by kenne

Difficult to see

Black, gray, brown matches the tree

Until there’s movement.

— kenne 

My Silent Conversations Have Come True   2 comments

Sunset (1 of 1)-3 blogCatalina Sunset — Images by kenne

My silent conversations have come true
Beneath the foothills tree of oil olive
Serving as an umbrella from the sun
Under a canopy of shy blue
As seen through the silver side of green

This majestic tree adored by the gods
Theme of the Hellenes fable
Minerva’s olive branch for Attica
Over Neptune’s swift as the wind of horse
As the most useful gift to humanity

She stands alone above the flagstone
Belonging to a family of 800 million
Native to the cradle of life
Not of the Mount of Olives
We nourish her oil of extraction

A rock star for longevity
Her age-gnarled trunk
Covered with adorning suckers
The source of the victor’s
Spray of olive branches

Graced with biblical beauty
Emblem of wealth and plenty
Symbol of peace and home of doves
Roosting at the late of day
As the sunset adorns her shadow

Her branches rich of fruit
A summer of green
Turning black in October
Will not be beaten of stick
To extract her oil of olive

Building strength in winter
Her spring blossoms many of number
Assisted by the blowing breeze
Casting off in celebration the flower of olive
Like a late winter shower of snow

Each evening I sing in silence
Beneath my foothill’s tree of the ages
Looking to the sky
In celebration of life
With my keeper of the flame

— kenne

Olives“His beauty shall be as the olive tree.”
[Hosea 14:6, KJV]


Capturing The Moment — Cooper’s Hawk In The Olive Tree   5 comments

Copper's Hawk-8836-2 blogCooper’s Hawk — Image by kenne

It is not unusual to see cooper’s hawks here in the Sonoran Desert, even in my neighborhood. The Tucson area has one of the most dense populations to be found anywhere. Usually nesting in riparian areas, they are not always that easy to photograph. Because of their amazing flying ability, I usually see them flying low to the ground, through and between trees. The water fountain under the olive tree on our patio sometimes attracts a Copper’s hawk, not because of the water, but because of the smaller birds attracted to the water — they are a deadly bird-predator. This time I happen to have my camera near the patio door, making this image possible.


Cooper’s Hawk (with apologies to Wordsworth)
by Michael Konik

Regal, as if touched by royalty, you light upon the wire,
Surveying the buffet of opportunity below, where we
Who cannot soar, cannot glide, forlornly aspire
To shed our earthly shackles and be free. 

You cannot be called a kind and caring raptor,
A patient pedant, with heart o’erflowing with generosity.
Your icy mission is starkly clear: to be a heartless captor
That kills and disembowels without pause for ruminant philosophy.

Yet we who walk upon the land, prisoners of gravity
Observe your single-mindedness with grudging admiration.
We see not a murderer swimming in a sea of depravity
But a champion inspiring our solemn approbation.

Capturing The Moment — Roadrunner Interested In Having A Conversation   7 comments

Road Runner Collage blogGreater Roadrunner On The Patio — Images by kenne

I was sitting on the patio when this guy jumped up on the wall, about eight feet from me and started making talking noise, so I began making a similar noise back. He was looking at the water fountain to his left and the olive tree to his right, which is the home of tree lizards. These attractions seemed to neutralize my present. Even so, he continued to talk — maybe he was fussing!

I think he was telling me to leave, while I was wishing I had my camera. Assuming he would not be there if I went for the camera, I still took a chance and went inside.

To my surprise, he was still there when I returned — even more surprised as I moved in closer than I had been when he first appeared. The conversation continued as I clicked away.

One of the characteristics of these birds is that of having a mind of their own — sometimes their behavior is very unpredictable, making them fun to watch and even more so if they carry-on a conversation.

In a few minutes he ran on without a lizard or getting water.


Road Runner 07-14-13

Capturing the Moment — The Took of Olives   Leave a comment

The Took of Olives — Image by kenne

Placed at the base of our olive tree, the Took will funnel the spirit of spring to the olive blossoms about to open.


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