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Roadrunner In Olive Tree   Leave a comment

Roadrunner in Olive Tree

Almost Blown Off  the Limb by Strong Gust of Wind — Images by kenne

Roadrunner on limb

Checking out the olive tree —

Ornate tree lizards.

Looking all around

A windy day in the tree

Safer on the ground

— kenne

Playing Hide n Seek   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3“Playing Hide n Seek” Ornate Tree Lizard — kenne

Greater Roadrunner On A Southwest Day   2 comments

Roadrunner-0283 blogGreater Roadrunner On A Southwest Day — Image by kenne

I watch him as he ponders my presence,
only a temporary distraction from
the lizard now locked in step 
blinding into the tree bark
disposing of intricate patterns.
Soon the runner disappears 
into some unknown world,
no known direction, dissolving 
into the brink, yet native lands.

— kenne


Rock Climber   Leave a comment

Lizard-1121 blog“Rock Climber” (Ornate Tree Lizard) — Image by kenne

“Here, then, is the genesis of two of the most important historical premises of Western science.
The first is that there is a law of nature, an order of things and events awaiting our discovery,
and that this order can be formulated in thought, that is, in words or in some type of notation.
The second is that the law of nature is universal . . .”

— Alan Watts

Ornate Tree Lizard   Leave a comment


tree-lizard-sunning-0654-blogOrnate Tree Lizard — Image by kenne

This ornate tree lizard appears to have come out of his winter home to catch some morning sun in Sabino Canyon. The lizard is darker than normal, allowing for more absorption of the sun.

The hole and pipe are in a large rock and was originally a source of drinking water for visitors to the dam area of Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

Ornate Tree Lizard On Olive Tress   Leave a comment

Ornate Tree Lizard (1 of 1) blogOrnate Tree Lizard on Olive Tree — Image by kenne

Difficult to see

Black, gray, brown matches the tree

Until there’s movement.

— kenne 

Do You See Me Now?   2 comments

Hutches PoolOrnate Tree Lizard — Image by kenne

“I get a greater joy from finding things in Nature,

already composed, than I do from my finest personal

arrangements. After all, selection is another way of

arranging: to move the camera an eighth of an inch is

quite as subtle as moving likewise a pepper.”

— Edward Henry Weston


SCVN Lizard Walk, August 8, 2014   3 comments


SCVN Lizard Walk (August 9, 2014) — Images by kenne
You can also go to my Flickr account to see all 22 photos taken yesterday.)



Warm Weather Bringing Out The Lizards   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk-9751 Ornate Tree Lizard blogNed's Nature Walk-9753 blog IILizard-0825 Ornate Tree blogOrnate Tree Lizards — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Ornate Tree Lizard   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3Ornate Tree Lizard, one of the common lizards in Arizona. — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Ornate Tree Lizard   6 comments

Tree Lizard

Tree LizardTree Lizard — Image by kenne

These little guys can be found in the olive tree on our patio. They just have to watch out for our cat, Kika — the lizards are real sport!

A Morning Promenade At Hutch’s Pool   1 comment

Ornate Tree Lizard — Images by kenne

Nothing like a lizard promenade on a cool sunny morning. These two guys were soaking in the sun on trees near Hutch’s Pool in Sabino Canyon (11/18/11) — a promenade in the morning!

“The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder.”

— Margorie Kinnan Rawlings, South Moon Under


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