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“Two Lizards”   Leave a comment

Lizard-1027 blog

Lizard-1031 blog“Two Lizards” (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum) — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Eastern Collared Lizard   5 comments

Douglas Springs HikeEastern Collared Lizard — Image by kenne


Disturbed   2 comments

Desert Spiny (1 of 1)-2 blog“Disturbed” Desert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

I was doing yard work this Saturday morning and uncovered a desert spiny lizard that was still wintering, which gave me time to go get my camera.


Side-blotched Lizard and Fairy Duster Wildflowers   Leave a comment

side blotched lizard (1 of 1) blogSide-blotched Lizard and Fairy Duster Wildflowers — Image by kenne

Another Summer Desert Friend   2 comments

Sabino Canyon Ned & Crystal Spring TrailGreater Earless Lizard — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Spiny Lizard   4 comments

Malcolm Dinner-7812 blogDesert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

Lizards are very common to the desert — they are everywhere. This one just happen to be in our yard, showing off all his color.

He sits on the rock

The desert spiny lizard

Lots of colored spins.


Capturing The Moment — Ornate Tree Lizard   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3Ornate Tree Lizard, one of the common lizards in Arizona. — Image by kenne

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