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Gila Monster Close-up   1 comment

Gila Monster Close-up — Image by

“Gila monsters have beaded scales in colorful patterns. Gila monsters are
the largest lizards native to the United States. They get their name from
Arizona’s Gila River basin, where they were first discovered. 
Gila monsters are also one of only two venomous lizards in the world.”

Here’s Looking At You   Leave a comment

heres-looking-at-you-blog“Here’s Looking At You” — Image by kenne


A Gila Monster Outing In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

Gila Monater (1 of 1)-2 blog

Gila Monater (1 of 1) blog

A Gila Monster Outing in Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

A giant lizard
easy to see, slow to move —
attention getter.

— kenne

SCVN Lizard Walk, August 8, 2014   3 comments


SCVN Lizard Walk (August 9, 2014) — Images by kenne
You can also go to my Flickr account to see all 22 photos taken yesterday.)



Capturing The Moment — Desert Spiny Lizard   4 comments

Malcolm Dinner-7812 blogDesert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

Lizards are very common to the desert — they are everywhere. This one just happen to be in our yard, showing off all his color.

He sits on the rock

The desert spiny lizard

Lots of colored spins.


Capturing The Moment — Horned Toad   4 comments

Rose Lake July 2013

Rose Lake July 2013Horned (Horny) Toad is neither a toad nor frog, but a lizard. — Images by kenne

I’m not a toad,

I’m not a frog,

but a lizard

of many colors

and many names —

the one

I like best is 



Capturing The Moment — Ornate Tree Lizard   2 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3Ornate Tree Lizard, one of the common lizards in Arizona. — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Greater Short-Horned Lizard   1 comment

Mt. Lemmon Trail 06-24-13

Mt. Lemmon Trail 06-24-13Greater Short-Horned Lizard — Images by kenne

A lover of ants

Effective Camouflage use

Early morning sun.


Capturing The Moment — Eastern Collared Lizard   3 comments

Esperero Trail Wildflowers Spring 2013Eastern Collared Lizard — Image by kenne

Another sign of spring in the desert is our reptile friends, most scurrying about, making it challenging to photograph.
But not the eastern collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris), who like to pose for you on a nearby rock.
I have other photos of the lizard from earlier springs and could have easily used one of them,
but this image was taken a week ago.

Welcome back, my friend — it is springtime in the Sonoran desert.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places”   1 comment

“I see you!” — Desert Spiny Lizard 

. . . spent some time in Sabino Canyon this morning. I captured images of several lizards, but sometimes I find it difficult to identify these guys — example: the top photo and the one below are both od desert spiny lizards, however, the angle of the sun and environment around the lizard causes different coloring; at least to this observer.

Desert Spiny Lizard

Images by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Greater Short-Horned Lizard   2 comments

Greater Short-horned Lizard On Mt. Lemmon, Arizona — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Spiny Lizard   4 comments

Desert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

This past Saturday I was leaving my car in the Sabino Canyon Center parking lot when I ran into Debbie and Jerry. They were there for the Saturday morning Lizard Walk —

“Are you going on the Lizard Walk,” Debbie asked. 

“No, I’m not into lizards,” I replied. 

I was at Sabino Canyon for a morning walk and to photo whatever I might run across, like Desert Ground Squirrels, Tarantula Hawks, butterflies, Copper’s Hawks, lizards, etc. 

But, wouldn’t you know it, the above Desert Spiny Lizard got by attention.

Okay, so I don’t dislike lizards, there just not my thing — unless I can get a good photo!


Capturing The Moment — Bluntnose Lizard On A Rock   Leave a comment

Bluntnose Lizard On A Rock — Image by kenne

Can I Pose For You?   3 comments

Eastern Collared Lizard — Images by kenne

The Eastern Collared Lizard is a beautiful lizard — the most beautiful in southern Arizona.
This lizard was first spotted in the brush along the Douglas Springs Trail,
then climbed up on a near-by rock to pose for me.

— kenne

A Morning Promenade At Hutch’s Pool   1 comment

Ornate Tree Lizard — Images by kenne

Nothing like a lizard promenade on a cool sunny morning. These two guys were soaking in the sun on trees near Hutch’s Pool in Sabino Canyon (11/18/11) — a promenade in the morning!

“The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder.”

— Margorie Kinnan Rawlings, South Moon Under


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