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Capturing The Moment — Desert Spiny Lizard   4 comments

Desert Spiny Lizard — Image by kenne

This past Saturday I was leaving my car in the Sabino Canyon Center parking lot when I ran into Debbie and Jerry. They were there for the Saturday morning Lizard Walk —

“Are you going on the Lizard Walk,” Debbie asked. 

“No, I’m not into lizards,” I replied. 

I was at Sabino Canyon for a morning walk and to photo whatever I might run across, like Desert Ground Squirrels, Tarantula Hawks, butterflies, Copper’s Hawks, lizards, etc. 

But, wouldn’t you know it, the above Desert Spiny Lizard got by attention.

Okay, so I don’t dislike lizards, there just not my thing — unless I can get a good photo!


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