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Capturing The Moment — Desert In B/W   8 comments

Hutches Pool (49) B-W II blogSabino Canyon In B/W (Hutch’s Pool Trail) — Image by kenne

Karen Benke

In your eyes I saw only trails,
Though you said you did want to lead me –
You said this reaching back for my hand.

We walked into a fevered desert
Out where clouds rise and disappear,
Out where I could not see
Your caring for me was a choice
I could not make.
Still we continued
Beyond contradiction
My doubt, my desire
Sifting into sand.

Capturing The Moment — Butterflies In Flight   1 comment

Black Swallowtail In Flight — Image by kenne

As we move more into spring, many butterflies are flying and being recorded by many naturalists. However, trying to photograph them can be difficult. It’s as if each butterfly is trying out his wings by flittering around without stopping. As I started to get frustrated watching them flying around, I decided to try photographing them in flight, which can be tricky not always knowing what the automatic-focus would focus on when zooming in on the butterfly. These two photos represent my best tries. Admittedly, if I was staying in one place and not out hiking, I might have better results.


Capturing The Moment — Bluntnose Lizard On A Rock   Leave a comment

Bluntnose Lizard On A Rock — Image by kenne

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