Capturing The Moment — Eastern Collared Lizard   3 comments

Esperero Trail Wildflowers Spring 2013Eastern Collared Lizard — Image by kenne

Another sign of spring in the desert is our reptile friends, most scurrying about, making it challenging to photograph.
But not the eastern collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris), who like to pose for you on a nearby rock.
I have other photos of the lizard from earlier springs and could have easily used one of them,
but this image was taken a week ago.

Welcome back, my friend — it is springtime in the Sonoran desert.

— kenne

3 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Eastern Collared Lizard

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  2. I saw my first eastern collared lizard earlier this month … what a treat! Yours has gorgeous colours.


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    Reblogging a post from March 30, 2013 — Springtime in the Sonoran Desert. — kenne


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