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Roadrunner — Beep, Beep   Leave a comment

Roadrunner-art-72Roadrunner — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Desert morning friend

I see you waiting for me

Ahead on the trail.


Crown and tail pop up

Tired of waiting, you move on —

Catch me if you can.

— kenne

Nesting Roadrunner   1 comment

Nesting Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-2 art blogNesting Roadrunner in a Cholla Cactus — Computer Art by kenne

Nesting cactus wren

Protected by the sharp spins

Surrounding her nest

— kenne

105 Degrees In The Shade   4 comments

Roadrunner (1 of 1)-3 blog

Roadrunner August 14 2015 (1 of 1)-2 blog105 Degrees In The Shade — Images by kenne

Home from a hike on Mt. Lemmon
just finished downloading images

when Joy announce to me,
“A roadrunner was on the patio.”

Grabbing my camera off the desk
I went to the patio door

where I could see the bird
on a branch of the olive tree

above the water fountain —
105 degrees in the shade.

— kenne

Born To Run   2 comments

Sabino Canyon“Born To Run” Roadrunner (Chaparral Cock) in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Born to run
Flying short distances only

Named for speed
Designed for racing

Laughed at by many
A coyote’s nemesis

Roadrunner by name
SafeSearch off

Chaparral Cock the same
SafeSearch strict

In the tree of life
A five-minute “silent witness” 

— kenne

Greater Roadrunner Chicks Ready To Leave The Nest   9 comments

Roadrunner Babies (1 of 1) blog

Roadrunner Babies (1 of 1)-2 blogGreater Roadrunner Chicks Ready To Leave The Nest — Images by kenne

This is the third posting on the greater Roadrunner nest in Sabino Canyon in the last sevaral weeks. This is the first time I have seen some of the four chicks ready to leave the nest, or anxiously waiting for mother to bring food. These two are bigger than the two behind them. While watching them this afternoon, they were stretching out their wings as if they are ready to going forging for food.


Capturing The Moment — Greater Roadrunner Nest Building   5 comments

4-H Group-0780-4 Roadrunner with twig blog framed

4-H Group-0862 Roadrunner in nest blog framedGreater Roadrunner — Images by kenne

“Throughout much of his range the roadrunner is known as the chaparral cock, or merely the chaparral. He also is called lizard bird, ground cuckoo, cock of the desert, and, as we have stated above, snake killer. The Mexicans call him the paisiano or the correo del camino. The first of these names means compatriot or fellow countryman; according to some writers it expresses affectionate regard, and is to be freely translated “little friend.” The latter is almost the equivalent of our name roadrunner.” — GEORGE MIKSCH SUTTON from the Bent Life History Series of Monographs

Cholla Roadrunner Nest (1 of 1) blog framedThe roadrunner’s nest is in this cholla cactus just a few feet from two heavily traveled hiking trails — don’t think anything will bother this nest!

Roadrunner Colors In Black and White — “Beep! Beep!”   4 comments

Desert Museum-Roadrunner blog-black

Beep! Beep!

Roadrunner -- Image by kenne

Beep! Beep! — Images by kenne

Christmas Greater Roadrunner Is Spying On You   7 comments

Sabino Canyon Colors Dec 2013-9134_Christmas Roadrunner blog“Christmas Greater Roadrunner” — Image by kenne

You better watch out 
You better not sigh 
You better not doubt 
I’m telling you why 
Christmas Roadrunner is spying on you

He runs level to the ground
Watching your every move
Running through this land of brown
Always knowing how to sing and grove

He sees you, you don’t see him
Quiet when you are near by
Sometimes on a low limb
Raising a bushy blue-black crest high

You better watch out
Cause he may suddenly run at you
So, you better not doubt
I’m telling you true
Christmas Roadrunner is spying on you

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Roadrunner Interested In Having A Conversation   7 comments

Road Runner Collage blogGreater Roadrunner On The Patio — Images by kenne

I was sitting on the patio when this guy jumped up on the wall, about eight feet from me and started making talking noise, so I began making a similar noise back. He was looking at the water fountain to his left and the olive tree to his right, which is the home of tree lizards. These attractions seemed to neutralize my present. Even so, he continued to talk — maybe he was fussing!

I think he was telling me to leave, while I was wishing I had my camera. Assuming he would not be there if I went for the camera, I still took a chance and went inside.

To my surprise, he was still there when I returned — even more surprised as I moved in closer than I had been when he first appeared. The conversation continued as I clicked away.

One of the characteristics of these birds is that of having a mind of their own — sometimes their behavior is very unpredictable, making them fun to watch and even more so if they carry-on a conversation.

In a few minutes he ran on without a lizard or getting water.


Road Runner 07-14-13

Roadrunner Warming On A Cold Desert Morning   7 comments

MMM 02-04-13

As the sun comes up on a cold desert morning, it’s time to warm up.

MMM 02-04-13

“Can’t a guy sun bath in privacy?”

MMM 02-04-13

Annoyed, the roadrunner tries to duck into the desert grasses.

MMM 02-04-13

Not being one who prefers to hide,

MMM 02-04-13

he moves on —

MMM 02-04-13

Occasional stopping to see if I was still following.

MMM 02-04-13

Darting lift and right through the brush and dead prickly pear,

MMM 02-04-13

seeming to enjoy the chase, continues a haphazard path.

MMM 02-04-13

Stopping again to check my presence,

MMM 02-04-13

he decides to pick up speed and move on — curiosity gone. — Images by kenne

Birds And Words — The Roadrunner   2 comments


      Roadrunner On Patio Fountain — Image by kenne

The fall time with kids in Sabino Canyon has begun. As part of my preparation to share information about nature, I recently discovered the blog site “Poetry for Kids Joy.” Joy Acey is the Princess of Poetry and lives in Tucson.


The Roadrunner

The roadrunner
comes tap, tap, tapping
at my window today.

He’s tap, tap, tapping
for me
to come and play.

The roadrunner
is tap, tap, tapping
before he runs away.

— Joy Acey


One Thirsty Bird!   Leave a comment

Roadrunner On Patio Wall In Tucson– Image by kenne

Running water sounds

A call to all living things

Happy hour on the patio.


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Sunning On A Cold Desert Morning   5 comments

Roadrunner, January 18, 2012 — Image by kenne

At the beginning of this week’s nature walk, the Sabino Canyon temperatures were in the mid-to-upper thirties. Just a short time into the walk, we spotter this guy taking advantage of the morning sun, having lowered his wing to expose more of his body to the sun. He observed us but was more interested in warming up than moving on as we moved in closer for a few photos. Don’t you just love it!


Capturing The Moment — Roadrunner By Name   3 comments

Roadrunner (Chaparral Cock) in Sabino Canyon, October 27, 2011 — Image by kenne

Born to run
Flying short distances only

Named for speed
Designed for racing

Laughed at by many
A coyote’s nemesis

Roadrunner by name
SafeSearch off

Chaparral Cock the same
SafeSearch strict

In the tree of life
A five-minute “silent witness” 


The Sonoran Desert Roadrunner   4 comments

The Sonoran Desert Roadrunner — Image by kenne

The Sonoran Roadrunner

Playing chicken
With a roadrunner means,
You lose –
Beep! Beep!
Or do you?
His game is one of,
“For me to know and
You to find out.”
There he was
Ahead down the path,
The large cuckoo
With zygodactyls’ feet
Running fast
Sporting an occasional
Side-to-side movement.
I could see his eyes,
The blue and orange patch.
A pause,
As if to check
My next move.
Seeing none,
As I continued
Shooting images,
He kept streaking at me,
Seemingly unbothered
By the clicking camera.
Raising and lowering
His erected shaggy crest,
While flipping his tail.
Was he trying to frighten me?
Or, was he courting me –
This human
With one big eye?
The ugly duckling
Of the cuckoo family
Stopped at my feet,
Gazing up,
As if to say,
Fuck you –
Only to swiftly run on.
I looked up,
Rather than back,
But there was no boulder.

That bird is one crazy clown.
Beep! Beep!

— kenne

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