Capturing The Moment — Greater Roadrunner Nest Building   5 comments

4-H Group-0780-4 Roadrunner with twig blog framed

4-H Group-0862 Roadrunner in nest blog framedGreater Roadrunner — Images by kenne

“Throughout much of his range the roadrunner is known as the chaparral cock, or merely the chaparral. He also is called lizard bird, ground cuckoo, cock of the desert, and, as we have stated above, snake killer. The Mexicans call him the paisiano or the correo del camino. The first of these names means compatriot or fellow countryman; according to some writers it expresses affectionate regard, and is to be freely translated “little friend.” The latter is almost the equivalent of our name roadrunner.” — GEORGE MIKSCH SUTTON from the Bent Life History Series of Monographs

Cholla Roadrunner Nest (1 of 1) blog framedThe roadrunner’s nest is in this cholla cactus just a few feet from two heavily traveled hiking trails — don’t think anything will bother this nest!

5 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Greater Roadrunner Nest Building

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  1. Very nice!


  2. Smart bird, great photos, thanks for sharing.


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