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December Full Moon   Leave a comment

Moon 19-41-46-art-blog.jpgDecember Full Moon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

December full moon
The desert nights chill the air
Keep fire nearby.

— kenne

Sadness Of The Moon   1 comment

Moonset-art-1-blogSetting October Moon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sadness of the Moon

Tonight, the moon is full of laziness —
Like a beauty reclining on many cushions
Before going to sleep, with light and distracted touch,
Caressing the contours of her breasts.

Upon the satin backs of soft avalanches
She abandons herself to the touch of her own hands,
And faintly looks down upon pale white visions
That climb into space like tropical vines.

From time to time, in her lonely delirium,
She lets a quick tear shoot across the sky.
And a pious poet, awake all through the night,

Takes this pale tear like a fragment of opal
Into the palm of his hand, and places it within his heart,
Far from the eyes of the sun.

— Charles Baudelaire

Summer Solstice Full Moon   1 comment

Moon-2953 blogSummer Solstice Full Moon — Image by kenne

“Summer night is like a perfection of thought.”

— Wallace Stevens

Full Moon Over The Sea of Cortez   Leave a comment

Moon Setting at Guaymas (1 of 1) blogFull Moon Over The Sea Of Cortez (January 25, 2016) Image by kenne

I had a paper moon. Stamped and certified. Mine was

a colonia moon, a barrio moon, a suburban moon. I

knew where I was, where I was supposed to be, where

I was allowed to go, and that was anywhere. We lived

the outhouse moon, the tortilla moon, the channel

12 bullfight Tijuana moon. And then we migrated 

north, like monarchs, following the light.

. . . My moon rose over tidy houses. 

— from the poem “Codex Luna” by Luis Alberto Urrea

Capturing The Moment — Full Moon Over Blackett’s Ridge   2 comments

Moon Over The Ridge (1 of 1)-2 art blogFull Moon Along the Blackett’s Ridge Trail in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne


Capturing The Moment — September Super Moon   Leave a comment

Full Moon (1 of 1) art_blog framed2014 September Super Moon — Image by kenne

A special full moon

Shine on, shine on harvest moon

For this special month.

 — kenne

Capturing The Moment — Moon Over Zion National Park   5 comments

Zion National Park (1 of 1)-8 blog framed

Zion National Park (1 of 1)-7 blog framedMoon Over Zion National Park (June 9, 2014, this waxing gibbous moon appeared high in the east at sunset.
It was more than half-lighted, but less than full — three days from a full moon) — Image by kenne

waxing gibbous moon

Waxing poetic

On a waxing gibbous moon,

Haiku at it’s worse.

— kenne

Night Of The Moon Flowers   Leave a comment

Cactus Flowers (1 of 1) blog framed Yellow Cactus Flowers Blooming On The Night of The Full Moon — Image by kenne

 The color of spring

Can be many bright colors,

Yellow’s number one.

— kenne

Alone In The Night Shadows II   6 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9084_Alone In The Night Shadows II Moon blogAlone In The Night Shadows II — Image by kenne

Alone in the night shadows

Abandoned in the darkness

Tall sentinels raise their arms

In the light of the full moon

Facing the old ranch house

Where the poet is signing

As the night-raven sings

In concert with howling coyotes

Under the alluring moonlight.

– kenne

Alone In The Night Shadows   2 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9084 Sepia blogAlone In The Night Shadows — Image by kenne

Alone in the night shadows

Abandoned in the darkness

Tall sentinels raise their arms

When the full moon is out

Facing the old ranch house

Where the poet is signing

As the night-raven sings

In concert with howling coyotes

Under the trembling moonlight.

— kenne

On The Road To Ruin   7 comments

Turkey Vultures March 2013Image by kenne

On the Road to Ruin — An Ode To Danger People

A time of dangerous opportunity
A time to discard sacred cows
A time for spiritual renewal
A time of shared empathy
A time of caring
A time to create
A time to mute siren songs
A time to be “danger people.”

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — The Full Wolf Moon   2 comments

Misc 01-27-13Image by kenne

Having been born in the month of January, and given my independent nature, I feel a relationship to what some Native Americans called the Wolf Moon since it appeared when hunger wolves howled outside their villages. Technically the Wolf Moon occurred a little before midnight on the 26th. I seem to have more success in photographing the moon just before sunrise, so this Wolf Moon image was taken as it was about to set over the Tucson mountains.

On cold winter nights

Hunger wolves howl at the moon

A midnight high point.


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