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Full Moon Over Double Bayou   Leave a comment

Full Moon Over Double Bayou — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.”

– Carl Sandburg

Double Bayou Blues   Leave a comment

Pete&John I-Edit-3-art-72Double Bayou Blues — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Strong winds blow
through bayou country
blues plays on.

— kenne

Down On The Bayou   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJackson Grocery (October 2002) — Image by kenne


The night grows darker,
As the fog moves in 
Turning the full moon
Into a yellow haze.

The gas pumps on empty
Next to the old pickup,
An old man pisses
In the corner shadows

Like, nobody was around,
He doesn’t care —
Nobody really cares
Down on the bayou.

— kenne

Every Image Has A Story   2 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADouble Bayou Dance Hall (October 10, 2002) — Image by kenne

I’m fascinated with photos.

When you look at a photograph, what do you see?

Is what you see reality?

Is it posed?

Many of my blog posting start with “Capturing The Moment,” which might imply: taken out of reality; taken out of context; posed.

What is really happening in the moment?

When you look at the above photo, which captured a moment, you don’t get the narrative. You don’t know how the image fits into the world, but if you begin to ask questions related to who, what, where, when and how you can create a narrative — a photo story that effectively places you into the image. Still, when many people look at a photo, they tend to be matter-of-fact about matters of fact.

Because I took the above photo, I know more facts of the narrative. Because I composed this photo, the moment is out of context, in a sense I posed the photo, which is why I believe all photos are posed.

Still, this photo provides the viewer a lot of information from which to create a story that will allow the image to fit into the viewer’s world. It’s a narrative we create using our values, experience and perception, which allows a photo to become attractive to the viewer. The viewer can be connected and not connected — looking at the past as if he/she is there.

Photos offer a powerful look into history, so ask questions.


Double Bayou, That Is   Leave a comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADouble Bayou Dance Hall (October 19, 2002) — Image by kenne


There’s a sound
coming from a place
down on the bayou,
Double Bayou, that is.

A place where
houserocking blues lovers
would swing to the blues,
Texas Blues, that is.

I miss that place,
a dance hall
down on the bayou,
Double Bayou, that is.

Sixty-seven years
alone the gulf coast,
badly damaged by Ike,
hurricane Ike, that is.

I miss Pete Mayes,
legendary blues man
who ran the dance hall,
Double Bayou, that is.

A true blues man,
everything he sang
had that blues feeling,
Texas blues, that is.

A Pete Mayes concert
at the dance hall 
was a holidays tradition,
Christmas Holidays, that is.

“Old House Recognition”
sign how marks the place
the blues rang
over the bayou,

Double Bayou, that is.

— kenne

Livin’ On Bayou Time   3 comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFront Door To Jackson’s Grocery, Double Bayou (The Place), Texas. — Images by kenne

All-time is created equal,
but we don’t use it equally.
Some are livin’ on bayou time,
while others in a New York minute.

My time is your time,
but it is not mine to give.
You can’t give away
something that isn’t yours.

…unless you share the moment.

— kenne

Jackson Grocery-197011 desa blog

Somewhere Around The Bend   2 comments

Double Bayou — Image by kenne

. . . somewhere around the bend

Do you hear it?
see it coming,

somewhere around the bend.

as on Kiko feet

somewhere around the bend.

Cat whispers
peacefully moving the trees
longing to be heard,

somewhere around the bend.

Is it real?
or only a Levon beat,
of the dark rhythm,

somewhere around the bend.

So soothing, so real,
a mesmerizing moon glow,
creating visions of hope,

somewhere around the bend.

Listen to dirt farmer stories
without them
life is pointless,

somewhere around the bend.

See it?
not if you don’t feel it,
linking the mind’s destination,

somewhere around the bend.

So, relax,
come with me,
catch the blues train,

somewhere around the bend.

Time’s wasting,
don’t hesitate,
opportunity is on the move,

somewhere around the bend.

If you feel it
you can see it
in your mind’s eye,

somewhere around the bend.

So, catch the blues train,
ride the drum beat’s edge,
see tomorrow’s vision,

somewhere around the bend.

a blues riff ,
Coltrane changes,

somewhere around the bend.

Face to face with humanity,
going all the way
to the end of the track,

somewhere around the bend.

Forget the plans
of broken dreams,
seek only the truth,

somewhere around the bend.

Smokes rising
signaling a change,
if you are riding
the last train to Clarksville…

Turkey Scratch,



somewhere around the bend.


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Rural Southern Grocery Stores And Juke-Joints   4 comments

  Image Source: Library of Congress

I recently observed this Library of Congress photo of a gas station, grocery store and “juke-joint” in Melrose, Louisiana. This image reminded me of rural northern Alabama where I lived with my grandparents for several of my childhood years, minus the “juke-joint.” This photo also reminded me of Jackson Grocery in Double Bayou, Texas. No juke-joint here, but a few hundred feet down the road you will find the Double Bayou Dance Hall. The grocery store still exist, however, the dance hall was badly damaged by hurricane Ike and remains closed.


Jackson Grogercy in Double Bayou, Texas (Note the guy on the left) — Image by kenne

Double Bayou Dance Hall, Double Bayou, Texas — Image by kenne

Dancing at The Double Bayou Dance Hall — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — The Ghosts Of The Double Bayou   2 comments

The Ghosts of The Double Bayou — Image by kenne

The Ghosts of The Double Bayou

Full moon rising at the end of the road.
The still thick air clings to our sweaty skins,
Big drops roll down the curve in my back,
We follow the music coming from down the road.

The shadows of others reflected in the moonlight,
Drawn by the heavy blues, thicken by the air,
More real than ever in the old tin shack,
In the Double Bayou Dance Hall’s 61st wind-blown year.

Blues lovers started coming in the 1940’s
Creating generations of followers
Captured by the feeling of the blues
Returning often, or at least on Christmas Day. 

Now standing badly damaged by hurricane Ike,
Surrounded by overgrown weeds and storm debris,
Yet inside the house still rocks
By the ghost of Pete Mayes and his House Rockers.

(This was written about one of our visits to the Double Bayou Dance Hall, Christmas Day, 2002. Hurricane Ike came through September 13, 2008.)


Pete Mayes and The House Rockers — Image by kenne

Pete Mayes Died Tuesday, December 16, 2008   3 comments


Luv Ya Pete Mayes

When the Friends of the Blues – Montgomery County started the Blues Series at Montgomery College (now Lone Star College – Montgomery), we were very interested in getting Pete Mayes out for an evening.  Even though Pete’s good friend, Art Dietz was a member of the FOB, Pete’s health, and the need for someone to drive him, made the logistics for Pete’s participation very problematic. (The Blues Series was scheduled each semester from the spring of 2000 to the spring of 2003.)  Although he didn’t appear in the series, Art did see that Pete was part of the 10th Anniversary community celebration of the opening of the Montgomery College campus in August of 2005.

doublebayou-ll-b-w-blogMost people who love Pete Mayes know that the best place to experience Pete and his music was at his place, the Double Bayou Dance Hall, near Anahuac, Texas.  We were fortunate to see Pete several times at the Dance Hall.  Pete and his live music will be missed.  You can read more about Pete at the following sites:

Houston Chronicle September 2008
Houston Chronicle December 2008
Beaumont Enterprise
Houston Press
The Examiner

In the just-published “The Rise of A Contemporary Sound – Texas Blues,” by Alan Govenar, Pete wrote:

“The blues is the truth. If you start doing blues and there’s something about it that isn’t true, there’s no way for you to sell it to the people. If you’re telling the truth, the people can feel it, but if you’re telling a bunch of lies, it’s not going to work too well.”

We luv ya, Pete! May you rest in peace.


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