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Dave’s Crawfish Boil   Leave a comment

Dave’s Crawfish Boil (April 12, 2009) — HDR Image by kenne

Dave’s crawfish boil

Southeast Texas partytime

Spicy and tasty.

— kenne

Black and White Sisters   1 comment

kids-1-of-1-blog-iiBlack and White Sisters — Image by kenne (October 2006)


One Sister have I in our house,
And one, a hedge away.
There’s only one recorded,
But both belong to me.

One came the road that I came—
And wore my last year’s gown—
The other, as a bird her nest,
Builded our hearts among.

She did not sing as we did—
It was a different tune—
Herself to her a music
As Bumble bee of June.

Today is far from Childhood—
But up and down the hills
I held her hand the tighter—
Which shortened all the miles—

And still her hum
The years among,
Deceives the Butterfly;
Still in her Eye
The Violets lie
Mouldered this many May.

I spilt the dew—
But took the morn—
I chose this single star
From out the wide night’s numbers—
Sue – forevermore!

— Emily Dickinson

Down On The Bayou   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJackson Grocery (October 2002) — Image by kenne


The night grows darker,
As the fog moves in 
Turning the full moon
Into a yellow haze.

The gas pumps on empty
Next to the old pickup,
An old man pisses
In the corner shadows

Like, nobody was around,
He doesn’t care —
Nobody really cares
Down on the bayou.

— kenne

Bayou Blues   Leave a comment

Pete & John (1 of 1) art II blogBayou Blues (Pete Mayes and John Broussard at Double Bayou Dance Hall, May, 2003) — Computer Painting by kenne)

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

— Langston Hughes

Under The Golden Leaves   3 comments

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8365 art blogUnder the Golden Leaves (Mt. Lemmon in Southern Arizona) — Image by kenne

There’s a gentle rain this morning,

but not in the desert

and mountains of the southwest —

We are in southeast Texas

where we can enjoy

the gulf coast moisture

and grandchildren,

knowing we will soon

leave each to their

mother’s of nature.

 — kenne

FOBulous: New Blues Site in Southeast Texas   1 comment

FOBulous Group Photo II blogTen years ago a small group of Blues lovers started an organization: Friends of the Blues – Montgomery County and coined the term “FOBulous.” Much was done to further live Blues music in southeast Texas. But, after a few years “burn-out” set in and we went into a holding pattern in Blues limbo.  To possible start things up again, there’s a new site on the bloggest-sphere:

Contribute to the site and help support the Blues!


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Pete Mayes Died Tuesday, December 16, 2008   3 comments


Luv Ya Pete Mayes

When the Friends of the Blues – Montgomery County started the Blues Series at Montgomery College (now Lone Star College – Montgomery), we were very interested in getting Pete Mayes out for an evening.  Even though Pete’s good friend, Art Dietz was a member of the FOB, Pete’s health, and the need for someone to drive him, made the logistics for Pete’s participation very problematic. (The Blues Series was scheduled each semester from the spring of 2000 to the spring of 2003.)  Although he didn’t appear in the series, Art did see that Pete was part of the 10th Anniversary community celebration of the opening of the Montgomery College campus in August of 2005.

doublebayou-ll-b-w-blogMost people who love Pete Mayes know that the best place to experience Pete and his music was at his place, the Double Bayou Dance Hall, near Anahuac, Texas.  We were fortunate to see Pete several times at the Dance Hall.  Pete and his live music will be missed.  You can read more about Pete at the following sites:

Houston Chronicle September 2008
Houston Chronicle December 2008
Beaumont Enterprise
Houston Press
The Examiner

In the just-published “The Rise of A Contemporary Sound – Texas Blues,” by Alan Govenar, Pete wrote:

“The blues is the truth. If you start doing blues and there’s something about it that isn’t true, there’s no way for you to sell it to the people. If you’re telling the truth, the people can feel it, but if you’re telling a bunch of lies, it’s not going to work too well.”

We luv ya, Pete! May you rest in peace.


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