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Under The Golden Leaves   3 comments

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8365 art blogUnder the Golden Leaves (Mt. Lemmon in Southern Arizona) — Image by kenne

There’s a gentle rain this morning,

but not in the desert

and mountains of the southwest —

We are in southeast Texas

where we can enjoy

the gulf coast moisture

and grandchildren,

knowing we will soon

leave each to their

mother’s of nature.

 — kenne

Crown Of Thorns   2 comments

Romero Pools“Crown of Thorns: Just as the first man Adam through the act of disobedience, sold Mother Nature into slavery.” — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — The Tree of Life   5 comments

“The Tree of Life” — image by kenne

Such a beautiful tree —
so representative of life.
Yet, we often see beauty only
in the foliage and blossoms
nature provides in one of life’s stages.

Beauty is everywhere —
there is beauty in death,
marking the stage so important
in the cycles of life.

This tree (image of) is amazing,
a sculpture in the face of the sun,
containing the shapes we use
to design our places in this world.

What image do you present
in the face of the sun?
Does it add?
Does it subtract?

Be honest!

— kenne

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