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Zion National Park Panorama   Leave a comment

Zional National Park_Panorama1 blogZion National Park Panorama — Image by kenne



with invisible



no canyons.


a pattern

of movement

carved out

and carved in

having built

as it destroyed.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sunset # ***   5 comments

Sunsets, Training, On The Montains SnowSunset # *** Image by kenne

How do you describe a sunset

when they’re all beautiful?

Yet, they are all different

and deserving of expression.

Try as I may,

words become redundant,

depleted of feeling,

left only with the silence

of nature’s best

at the end of the day —

Sunset # ***.

— kenne


Upon This Rock . . .   Leave a comment

Romero Pools“Upon This Rock . . .” — Image by kenne


Posted February 16, 2013 by kenneturner in Art, Life, Nature, Photography

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Crown Of Thorns   2 comments

Romero Pools“Crown of Thorns: Just as the first man Adam through the act of disobedience, sold Mother Nature into slavery.” — Image by kenne

Black Mountains Arizona Panoramic   Leave a comment

Christmas 2012

Black Mountains Southeast of Kingman, Arizona — Image by kenne


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