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Early Morning Dreams: The Awakening And Starting All Over   4 comments

SCVN Nature_20111207_0503 Morning Dreams blog frameEarly Morning Dreams: The Awakening and Starting All Over — Image by kenne

“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon.
In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.
For nothing is more precious than the life force
and may the love of that force guide you as you go.” 

— Patti Smith, Early Work, 1970-1979

Charles Bukowski: A Bio Poem   5 comments

Charles Bukowski Art Quote blogPhoto-Artistry by kenne

Charles Bukowski: A Bio Poem

there was a
Charles Bukowski

sad eyes
weary voice
a poet-recluse

writing about
down and outs
skid row
 relationships with women

German American
raised catholic
shy, alienated
teenage acne
desperate days of the
great depression

Los Angeles City College
flirted with the far-right

grew bored
failed a physical and
psychological exam
classified 4-f

“on a Santa Monica Monday.”
first story
published at 24
grew disillusioned
quit writing
“on the sidewalk and in the sun”

ten-year drunk
bleeding ulcer
nearly died
begin writing poetry

first wife
small-town Texas poet
decapitated in India
religious zealots
obscure cult

traumatized by wife’s death
resulting in a powerful series of poems
“I hold fast to me, that’s all there is”

series of muses
a daughter
ten years with post office
wrote a column
“notes of a dirty old man”

quit the post office
decided to starve
full-time writer
a loner
unable to live alone
“because I’ve got
a pocket full of dreams….”

— kenne

Charles Bukowski in Ham On Rye writes of Henry Chinaski, his raw voice alter ego having a beer with Becker:

“. . . I’d like to be a correspondent in Washington, D.C. I’d like to be where big things are happening.”
“Washington’s crap, Becker.”
“And women? Marriage? Children?”
“Yeah? Well, what do you want?”
“To hide.”
“You poor fuck. You need another beer.”
“All right.”
The beer arrived.

Buk31Source: Booktryst

“The difference between life and art is art is more bearable.”
– Charles Bukowski

The Lady Behind The Mask   Leave a comment

New Orleans 2007The Lady Behind The Mask — Image by kenne


what secrets
does she hide

behind her
face of stone

she is not real

see the phony look

distant stare

a lonely pretender
hiding doubt

having given up
the search

now her life is
a fake

she accepts it

false truths

still unable to
look straight
into my eyes

tears drop


New Orleans 2007  265 Two Years After Blues Company Art blogBourbon Street — Image by kenne

Pendulum Has Swung — An Abstract Revisited   2 comments

Sunset Obsract_20120217_1698 background color borderMadonna Abstract — Image by kenne

The Pendulum Has Swung, For Now

All bubbles will burst
Fear as to when
Creating a
 bubble for now.

Yesterday has gone
Greed wears the
mask of reality.

Tomorrow arrived
A day too early for most
It is better now.

A new adventure
Following the pendulum
Soon gone for now.

Returning in time
With new values
replacing the old.

In a new harmony
Swinging to-and-fro
A fix for now.



Let It Shine   Leave a comment

Lummi & MCLACBarn In The Meadow — Image my kenne

Let It Shine

Morning awakens the light

Slowly stirring the heart

Revived from the sleeping night

By a singing meadowlark.


Accounting for the moment

Can we ever know

How age built a monument

From what it doesn’t show?

I don’t mind

As long as you know

I will make it shine

By allowing time to slow.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — “. . . Brings More Beauty Than Words Can Tell.”   6 comments

Sunset Trail HikeImage by kenne

“Like trains of cars on tracks of plush
I hear the level bee:
A jar across the flowers goes,
Their velvet masonry

Withstands until the sweet assault
Their chivalry consumes,
While he, victorious, tilts away
To vanquish other blooms.

His feet are shod with gauze,
His helmet is of gold;
His breast, a single onyx
With chrysoprase, inlaid.

His labor is a chant,
His idleness a tune;
Oh, for a bee’s experience
Of clovers and of noon!”

Nature, Poem 15: The Bee by Emily Dickinson


“The world is rude, silent, incomprehensible at first,
nature is incomprehensible at first,
Be not discouraged, keep on,
there are divine things well envelop’d,
I swear to you there are divine beings
more beauty than words can tell.”

— from Song of Myself  by Walt Whitman,

Capturing The Moment — Zero and One   Leave a comment

Bernhardt Winery Ezra Charles 5-31-09“Still Life” — Image by kenne

zero and one

zero in nothing
one is something

zero is nothingness
it isn’t there
one is being

zero gives meaning
imposing subjectivity
one gives consciousness
imposing objectivity

zero cannot be one
only know one
one cannot be zero
only know zero

zero and one together
shape the imagination
zero and one together
shape the world


Nature’s Monument — Let It Shine   4 comments

lummi-island-barn-in-the-field_20090829_0248copy-ii-blogImage by kenne

Let It Shine

Morning awakens the light
Slowly stirring the heart
Revived from the sleeping night
By a singing meadowlark.

Accounting for the moment
Can we ever know
How age built a monument
From what it doesn’t show?

I don’t mind
As long as you know
I will make it shine
By allowing time to slow.


Life Is A Place To Start   3 comments

Rose Sunset kenne“Self-portrait” — Image by kenne

 place to start

you say

look at you
kenne g
you have taken
to a felt

you need
to be

i say

information is good
digital art

all are good
but look at you
you are

i say
i do what
i do
i can

you can’t
you’re the problem
not me

all things
are connected
only to be
in the head

i choose
to stay
secret places

plant seeds
harvest thoughts
bundle ideas
but you discard
mind droppings

i mix and match
generating energy
forming inspiration
feeling the heat

see the stream
it’s all
the shit’s

generating food
for tomorrow’s ideas
powering the music
stand up

when i’m not here
there will be a
place to start
to add
to my bundle


A Place Where Each Question Contains The Answer   1 comment

Olives“Place In The Desert” Image by kenne

How will you know when
you are in the right place?
The secret is out!

. . . in a place where
each question
contains the answer.

You will know
that place
when you have
the right feeling —

The secret is out!
Or is it?

What to do
when the feeling
is missing?

. . . sadly,
your place

is not the right place.


Cracks In The Door   7 comments

Fredric  3174 Light Thru The CracksImage by kenne

The cracks grow wider
Though the door is not broken

The sun shines through
Warming the dark corners

Sitting in the morning  shadows
The light exposes my scars 

Deepen from experiences past
Forming their own shadows

Like cracks by my eyes
The scars are not broken

— kenne

Just Fooling Around — As I See It   Leave a comment

orchid & hawkSilhouette Glow

orchid & hawkDrawing In Paint — Images by kenne

opposites are one

composing yesteryear’s coldness
stretching through time
standing still in the moment

searching the unrestricted
working with opposites
reassuring in sameness

emphasizing divergence
promising order
pleasing to self


Anniversary Orchid — No Mystery In This Beauty!   1 comment

orchid & hawkAnniversary Orchid — Image by kenne

Orchids given you
Always bring a smile to your

A yellow not black
minis mystery orchid
always glows in dark.


“Like A Rock, I Was Something To See”   Leave a comment

Bug Springs April 2013“Protected By The Rock” Goodding Verbena — Image by kenne

Stood there boldly 

Sweatin’ in the sun 

Felt like a million 

Felt like number one 

The height of summer 

I’d never felt that strong 

Like a rock

— by Bob Seger from the song, “Like A Rock”


Embracing Authentic Imperfection Together   3 comments

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortAuthentic Imperfection — Image by kenne

Like an old tree


along the desert trail

we are not perfect —


old together


our imperfection

each step of the way


more perfect by


our imperfection


vulnerable together —


our essence.

— kenne

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