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No Words Can Describe   1 comment

We spent some brief moments with brother Tom during our trip to Seattle for Lisa’s and Mike’s wedding on Lummi Island (August 29, 2009). 

It’s never been easy for anyone to figure out the Turner boys, let alone one to the other. In some ways,
however, if you know one of us, then you know the other. We are very much alike, but selectively taking
some similarities to an extreme (by choice and personality), which appear different.

This video is about my brother; therefore, it’s about me.

“The cat’s in the well and grief is showing its face
The world’s being slaughtered and it’s such a bloody disgrace.”

— kenne



For Crying Out Loud (September 2009)

(The video can be enlarged by clicking on HD at the top right and the four arrows in the the lower right corner.)

Dance of Life in Sculpture Woods On Lummi Island   2 comments

sculpture-woods-dance-of-life-art-10Dance of Life in Sculpture Woods by Ann Morris — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Lummi Island is in the San Juan Islands an archipelago in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States between the U.S. mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The San Juan Islands are part of the U.S. state of Washington. Sculpture Woods: Studio Grounds of Ann Morris is where you will find much of her eighteen years of work in bronze. With myth and metaphor, Ann Morris’ sculpture speaks of the relationship between Nature and humankind.

— kenne


Reaching Out   6 comments


Tom and Kenne Turner

This is a posting I had drafted not knowing that I would be getting word Tom was in the hospital and after talking to my nieces and Tom’s nurse, made arrangements to fly to Seattle. It was not to be, Tom passed away November 13, 2014. 

Much has happened since then , sharing, grieving and loving. What follows is the draft that was not finished. The video was put together the last time I saw Tom, which was at his daughter, Lisa’s wedding on the island of Lummi near Bellingham, Washington.



My brother has been in my thoughts a lot lately. For sometime now, he has not been responding to email and voice-mail. Lisa, his daughter tells me he has become a “bonafied hermit.”

“Healthy in body and mind,
I end my life before pitiless old age
which has taken from me my pleasure
and joys one after another,
and which has been stripping me
my physical and mental powers,
can paralyse my energy and break my will;
making me a burden to myself and others.
For some years I had promised myself not to live beyond 70;
and I fixed the exact year for my departure from life . . .” 

— Paul Laforgue

(This was hand written by Tom on a statement from the BigRock-Health Clinic, Tumwater, Washington — date not known.)

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Let It Shine   Leave a comment

Lummi & MCLACBarn In The Meadow — Image my kenne

Let It Shine

Morning awakens the light

Slowly stirring the heart

Revived from the sleeping night

By a singing meadowlark.


Accounting for the moment

Can we ever know

How age built a monument

From what it doesn’t show?

I don’t mind

As long as you know

I will make it shine

By allowing time to slow.

— kenne

Pete Schmieler, RIP   1 comment

Pete was someone I knew only when we were in high school, yet I still remember the fun conversations we often had while killing time at track meets. (This was back when he was a tall skinny high jumper.) He had the kind of spirit that has always attracted me to very creative people. I don’t recall our physically crossing paths after high school, yet he has always remain the bigger than life figure I had of him from high school, occasionally embellished by stories told by the nieces’ (Vanessa & Lisa) Pete and I shared.

One story I recall my brother Tom telling me had to do with Pete leasing the gatehouse to an estate that my stepmother and I had previously leased. Tom was visiting with Pete when he noticed a painting of a woman on the wall. Tom asked Pete where he got it, and his reply was, “it was here when I moved in and I like it.”

The reason why Tom asked about the painting was he recognized that it was my painting of a former girlfriend. When I heard the story, I was impressed to hear that Pete kept it because he liked it. We all appreciate compliments from those we admire and respect.

You may know, from previous posting, Joy and I traveled to Seattle to attend Lisa and Michael’s wedding on Lummi Island. One of the reasons I wanted Joy and I to be at the wedding was the opportunity to see Pete. I was really looking forward to the opportunity, since I knew he would not miss your wedding. But, as fate would have it, his health didn’t allow him to make the long trip from Fort Myers.

I know Pete will be dearly missed by a lot of people. The Emerson line in Lisa’s blog posting is so fitting. (“It is not length of life, but depth of life.”) Some of the most endearing people have been those with whom I have only briefly traveled in life’s journey. Pete was one of those endearing, unforgettable people.

I share these feelings now, yet regret having waited too late to share them with Pete.  At least, with all of today’s social media connections, I was one of Pete’s Facebook friends.  We linked up in August of 2009, but like many of our generation he said, Hello. Have no idea what I’m doing with FACEBOOK. 😦

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean a lot. Pete passed away January 10, 2011, just a few weeks before his 71st birthday.


(Image: Pete Schmieler with niece, Lisa Wheeler — Source: )


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Capturing the Moment — 41 Places to Go in 2011   2 comments

San Juan Islands as Seen from Lummi Island — Image by kenne


Five New York Times foreign correspondents (past and present) have identified places they would go back to if they got the chance. One of those places is the an archipelago, the San Juan Islands in the northwest corner of the continental United States and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and are part of Washington state. One year ago August, we spent a few days on one of these paradise islands, Lummi Island. Not one of the larger of the islands, but located a short ferry ride from the mainland. We were there for the wedding of my nice, Lisa, where she and he future husband, Michael, would go on bike rides through the beautiful landscapes. The time we spent on the island was brief, but very memorable, from the wedding at Willows Inn, the island’ s nature beauty to the bed ‘n breakfast on the north end of the island. It is easy to see why correspondent, Sara Dickerman listed it in the cover article for Sunday’s New York Times Travel section. We would love to go back and also visit some of the other islands in the archipelago.


(Below: Brother Tom at Willows Inn – Left: Lisa & Michael — Image by kenne)

Capturing the Moment — Fort Stockton Sunset   2 comments

Image by kenne

No Fort Stockton sunset.
The clouds have moved in
and the tumbleweeds are drifting
as the dusty wind blows.
Not enough time
to be more creative,
and since the above image
is on my laptop,
the Lummi Island sunset
will suffice as we rest-up
at the Fort Stockton relay station
on our way back to Tucson.


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For Crying Out Loud   7 comments

Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Kenne_0333 B-W blogDuring our trip to Seattle for Lisa’ and Mike’s wedding on Lummi Island, we were able to spend some brief moments with brother Tom. It’s never been easy for anyone to figure out the Turner boys, let alone one to the other. In some ways, however, if you know one of us, then you know the other. We are very much alike, but selectively taking some similarities to an extreme (by choice and/or personality), which appear to be different.

Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom Wedding Dinner_0338 B-W blogThis entry is about my brother, therefore it’s about me. I have attached a video, which for the first time utilizes my skills (to the extent they are) in photography, video and photo software and writing. Regardless of the skill level, it represents an expression of love.


(The video can be enlarged by clicking on HD at the top right and the four arrows in the the lower right corner.)

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L&M Snapshots — Still and Motion   1 comment

Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Kenne_0333 blog IIThe Brothers Turner

The Lummi Experience

Living the now

Lummi Island & Vancover_Musicians_0326 blog

gathered on the island


if you listened carefully

you could hear

the whispering voices

of ancient spirits,

giving worth to the past

and value to the future

Living the nowLummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Miss V_0324 blog

an island place

of romantic sojourns

to drink the potion

of this sacred place

nurturing our lovers

burgeoning love

linking the now

with the ancient

voices becoming sirens

Living the nowLummi Island & Vancover_Mike Heather Lisa_0309 III blog

to live out loud

drink the potion

sharing an affair

removed of uncertainties

fashioning one of life’s

peak experiences

in which each moment

deserves its own face

a futile attempt at best


Lummi Island & Vancover_Family_0316 blog II

Tears of Love   3 comments

Lummi Island & Vancover_Lisa&MikeInStreet_0290 art II blogJoy and I returned late last Thursday after attending Lisa and Mike’s beautiful wedding on Lummi Island, and spending some time in Seattle and Vancouver. The weather was very cooperative, making it a photographer’s holiday. (You can see some of photographer, Rika Manabe’s photos by clicking here.) As with other family weddings Joy and I have many photos/videos I will be placing on Flickr later. I have also completed a ten minute movie of the wedding ceramoney, which I will be uploading later, but want to share one a two minute movie titled “Tears of Love.”


Lummi Island & Vancover_Sunset_0346 blog

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Embracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane   Leave a comment

Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Stacked Rocks_0150 blogEmbracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane

Sculpture Woods-Dance of LifeLike most journeys, our trip to Seattle, Lummi Island and Vancouver was a source of much inspiration, both sacred and profane. If art is something that can be admired in its own right, then all human creations are works of art.  Both the artist and the observer share the inspiration, a duende resulting in a collaborative incarnate experience. Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Pike Place Fish Market_0117 blogWhether the choreographed fish throwing of fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle; the enigmatic bronze figures in Ann Morris’ Sculpture Woods on Lummi Island; the poetry Lisa and Mike’s wedding ceremony; the southern shore skyline of Vancouver; or the many stone statues left by stone stackers adorning the English Bay shoreline.Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Tantum Bike_0193 blog

Additional words and images will be forthcoming.


Image source of “Dance of Life,” by Ann Morris is “Sculpture Woods – Studio Grounds of Ann Morris

Vancouver from Granville Island 8-31-09 blog

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