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Regarding the Pain of Others   1 comment

Seattle, Late 80's blogMother (Agnes), with sons Kenne and Tom (Bobby), and Tom’s daughters Lisa and Vanessa
— Late 80’s image in Seattle by Joy

Susan Sontag — Regarding the Pain of Others

Photography obsessed Sontag and became the subject for two of her best books. Her preoccupation with photography is the single clearest example of her shifting a previously disregarded mass medium into the realm of acceptable highbrow discussion. The photograph, in her view, had changed the mechanics of memory. Our minds, she argued, no longer stored narrative; they stockpiled images. “The problem,” she wrote in Regarding the Pain of Others, “is not that people remember through photographs, but that they remember only photographs.” And in a way, that sentence anticipated her obituaries, which dwelled at length on the many photographs of Sontag.

— from a profile on Susan Sontag, Susan Superstar in the New York Magazine

Thomas Robert Turner, RIP   17 comments

Lummi & MCLACThomas Robert Turner, May 23, 1942 – November 13, 2014
I love you, Bobby!

I, slave, chained to an oar of poem,
Inhabiting this faraway province where
Nothing happens, I wouldn’t want it to.
I have expressly deprived myself of much:
Conversation, sweets of friendship, love. . . .
The public women of the town don’t appeal.
I wouldn’t want them to. There are no others,
At least for an old, smelly, covetous bookman.
So may things might have fed this avocation,
But what’s the point? It’s too late.

— from the poem STOIC, by Lawrence Durrell

Walking With A Friend   Leave a comment

Tom on the Beach Art I framed II blogWalking with a Friend — Image by kenne

This past spring my friend Tom and I had planned on going to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to spend a few days fishing. About a week before the trip, Tom had his sixth and last chemo treatment. He had gone through the previous treatments with few side-effects, but this one really made walking very difficult. We still made the trip knowing fishing was not likely. We still has a very good time.

One of the things we did was gone for walks along the beach. Previous posting have chronicled our trip, but I had forgotten that I had also taken some photos and video with my iPhone, which I share here.

Tom is in remission and is current fishing with his son in Wales.


Embracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane   Leave a comment

Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Stacked Rocks_0150 blogEmbracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane

Sculpture Woods-Dance of LifeLike most journeys, our trip to Seattle, Lummi Island and Vancouver was a source of much inspiration, both sacred and profane. If art is something that can be admired in its own right, then all human creations are works of art.  Both the artist and the observer share the inspiration, a duende resulting in a collaborative incarnate experience. Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Pike Place Fish Market_0117 blogWhether the choreographed fish throwing of fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle; the enigmatic bronze figures in Ann Morris’ Sculpture Woods on Lummi Island; the poetry Lisa and Mike’s wedding ceremony; the southern shore skyline of Vancouver; or the many stone statues left by stone stackers adorning the English Bay shoreline.Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Tantum Bike_0193 blog

Additional words and images will be forthcoming.


Image source of “Dance of Life,” by Ann Morris is “Sculpture Woods – Studio Grounds of Ann Morris

Vancouver from Granville Island 8-31-09 blog

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