Embracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane   Leave a comment

Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Stacked Rocks_0150 blogEmbracing the Extremities of the Sacred and Profane

Sculpture Woods-Dance of LifeLike most journeys, our trip to Seattle, Lummi Island and Vancouver was a source of much inspiration, both sacred and profane. If art is something that can be admired in its own right, then all human creations are works of art.  Both the artist and the observer share the inspiration, a duende resulting in a collaborative incarnate experience. Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Pike Place Fish Market_0117 blogWhether the choreographed fish throwing of fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle; the enigmatic bronze figures in Ann Morris’ Sculpture Woods on Lummi Island; the poetry Lisa and Mike’s wedding ceremony; the southern shore skyline of Vancouver; or the many stone statues left by stone stackers adorning the English Bay shoreline.Seattle Lummi Island & Vancouver_Tantum Bike_0193 blog

Additional words and images will be forthcoming.


Image source of “Dance of Life,” by Ann Morris is “Sculpture Woods – Studio Grounds of Ann Morris

Vancouver from Granville Island 8-31-09 blog

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