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Capturing the Moment — 41 Places to Go in 2011   2 comments

San Juan Islands as Seen from Lummi Island — Image by kenne


Five New York Times foreign correspondents (past and present) have identified places they would go back to if they got the chance. One of those places is the an archipelago, the San Juan Islands in the northwest corner of the continental United States and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and are part of Washington state. One year ago August, we spent a few days on one of these paradise islands, Lummi Island. Not one of the larger of the islands, but located a short ferry ride from the mainland. We were there for the wedding of my nice, Lisa, where she and he future husband, Michael, would go on bike rides through the beautiful landscapes. The time we spent on the island was brief, but very memorable, from the wedding at Willows Inn, the island’ s nature beauty to the bed ‘n breakfast on the north end of the island. It is easy to see why correspondent, Sara Dickerman listed it in the cover article for Sunday’s New York Times Travel section. We would love to go back and also visit some of the other islands in the archipelago.


(Below: Brother Tom at Willows Inn – Left: Lisa & Michael — Image by kenne)

L&M Snapshots — Still and Motion   1 comment

Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Kenne_0333 blog IIThe Brothers Turner

The Lummi Experience

Living the now

Lummi Island & Vancover_Musicians_0326 blog

gathered on the island


if you listened carefully

you could hear

the whispering voices

of ancient spirits,

giving worth to the past

and value to the future

Living the nowLummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Miss V_0324 blog

an island place

of romantic sojourns

to drink the potion

of this sacred place

nurturing our lovers

burgeoning love

linking the now

with the ancient

voices becoming sirens

Living the nowLummi Island & Vancover_Mike Heather Lisa_0309 III blog

to live out loud

drink the potion

sharing an affair

removed of uncertainties

fashioning one of life’s

peak experiences

in which each moment

deserves its own face

a futile attempt at best


Lummi Island & Vancover_Family_0316 blog II

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